Why Can't The Phoenix Suns Get a Ring?

Sean YamagiwaContributor IJuly 3, 2009

In the past few years, the Suns proved themselves as a high-flying, offensive-minded team.  They were run by a great head coach named Mike D'Antoni.  They had a 20-10 point guard, Steve Nash.  They had highflyers that could finish fast breaks, Amar'e Stoudemire and Shawn Marion.  

So how come they couldn't come up with a championship?  Some say there was no defense there.  As the saying goes, "Defense wins championships".  I don't believe this applies to basketball.  If one team can score more than the opposing team, they should be able to come up with the victory.

Although this never happened, it came pretty close in 2007.  The Spurs were leading the series 2-1 in the playoffs.  Robert Horry decking Steve Nash resulted in a Stoudemire and Diaw breakout from the bench.  They were both suspended one game each, while Horry was suspended two.  The Suns ended up winning the game.

Without two of their key players, the Suns couldn't close out the series.  Then the team started making major changes.  They shipped off Marion.  Then they fired their head coach.  

Who do we blame?  Some say Sarver.  Some say Kerr.  It could be the players' influence.  I think it's the whole department.  

Many teams dont need to change, and they do so anyways.  

The Boston Celtics currently don't need any major changes.  They just need a healthy season.  But they insist on trading Rondo and Allen for a injury-prone superstar.  Amare Stoudemire.  

The Cleveland Cavaliers on the other hand made a good deal.  They gave up two players that didn't affect their team at all.  It might not be a good deal, but it certainly can't be bad.  If Shaq were to be benched, everything would still be okay.

The Los Angeles Lakers made a trade that helped them a lot.  Artest was an upgrade over Ariza.  They just need to make sure Artest can be controlled on and off the court.

The Suns didn't need a major trade.  That first trade triggered other trades that just messed up the team chemistry and playing style.  They couldn't play fast.  Shaq's ego affected them all.

All the Suns had to do was wait another year.  They had to come up with a plan.  They needed a little more experience.  

Every team makes mistakes, so I want to express the errors this team has made.  The Suns also traded Quentin Richardson, a 3 point specialist.  They gave away their draft picks.  Nate Robinson, Luol Deng, Rudy Fernandez, and Rajon Rondo were their picks that went on to be pretty nice fits to the team they went to.

It just goes to show.  Teams don't need to make major changes.  Changes disrupt teams.  Sometimes for the better, but most of the time, for the worse.