I See the Light: What Could Happen Between Now and SummerSlam

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  The Great Khali puts ECW Champion Kane into a vice grip during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

I was looking on wwe.com today and I was reading what I already knew looking at some blogs and I saw some things and then I had an epiphany and it came to me what World Wrestling Entertainment could be planning to do and all the things they should do became clear.....

On Smackdown tonight there are a number of matches happening tonight, but one that stands out to me is not the C.M. punk and Jeff Hardy vs. the Tag Champs match, but Rey Mysterio vs. Kane.

This is an old feud that could be rejuvenated in the near future back when Kane and Rey were on Raw. They had a little feud that involved both of their masks.

Jericho just got done trying to remove Mysterio's mask and failed. Doesn't it seem weird that the WWE would put Kane vs. Mysterio instead of putting him against a lower card wrestler, Khali, or a squash match?

I believe that Kane and Mysterio are going to have a feud leading up to Summerslam where Mysterio will lose his mask and Kane will regain his sending Kane hopefully up the ladder and back to the old days of dominance and it hopefully won't ruin Rey Rysterio's WWE career.

The World Heavyweight Championship match at the next pay-per-view is Jeff Hardy vs. C.M. Punk. The new heel C.M. Punk is not entirely here and they needed to completely turn him heel at the Bash.

Punk is going to retain the title and he probably will face Hardy again at Summerslam but if not, like lets say a certain Matt Hardy interferes at Night of Champions, then we could see Hardy vs. Hardy at Summerslam.

(On a side note Matt Hardy is apparently redebuting as a new Hardy persona to revamp himself.) If we do see that feud we could see C.M. Punk get one of the biggest pushes a superstar can get by going over the Undertaker at Summerslam. That would be amazing to see.

On the "B" show Raw, we will most likely see kingston continuing his role and face new challengers like Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne leading to Summerslam where he will ultimately be left off the card.

To think about when will there be an actual rivalry for the U.S. Champion how about M.V.P vs. Kingston in a best of seven series or against Swagger. 

The only real rivalry is Legacy vs. the Colons and the people who shouldn't hold the title.

Batista vs Orton at Summerslam, ugh! Maybe the WWE will do something cool and interesting for once and put someone like M.V.P. in a title match at Summerslam.

Might get Triple H vs. Orton XXXV in Hell in a Cell, ugh!

ECW will continue getting there young stars ready to be taken away from them and I see Shelton Benjamin up against Christian at Summerslam or something along those lines.

So basically Smackdown is where I see most cool things happening. It's the only show that you see the young stars getting pushed like Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison are on the horizon.