Nearing The Edge Of Retirement, Rises The Only True "Answer"

Brandon Ribak@reebokforthreeSenior Writer INovember 9, 2016

With a resume consisting of a '96-'97 Rookie of the Year Award, one time MVP Award, nine time All-Star (including two MVP All-Star Awards), three time All-NBA First Team player, four scoring titles, and ranking fifth all time with a career 27.1 PPG, Allen Iverson truly deserves his nickname titled, "The Answer."

Although Iverson has yet to win a championship ring during his 14 seasons in the National Basketball Assocation, he is currently ranked as the 16th all-time leading scorer in NBA history, playing in just 886 games and dropping 23,983 points. When taking a look at the all time top 20 leading scorers in NBA History, Iverson is the only player to produce the amount of points he did in less than 900 games.

In addition, AI is also the only player listed under 6'4" in the top 20 all time leading scorers in NBA history. (If you never owned a pair of AI's, shame on you).

At the age of 34, many do believe that Iverson is nearing the edge of retirement, especially after a disappointing '08-'09 NBA season, averaging career-lows in PPG (17.4) and MPG (36.5), along with an ailing back injury. 

Now as a free-agent and searching for a new home, is the famous AI really all out of answers or does he have enough gas in the tank to exceed hall-of-famers Patrick Ewing and Jerry West in the all-time NBA scoring list?

Also, does Iverson still have what it takes to help bring a team into contention and lift himself from future Hall-of-Famer to a living Legend?

AI changed the game of basketball the day he first stepped foot onto the NBA court and will forever be remembered for his ridiculous crossover.

Iverson recently twittered stating,

"I'm a Free Agent, healthy again, and capable of signing with any team. My only preference will be to play for a coach that knows what I bring to the table and that I am going to bring it every night! Someone that knows how to best utilize my skills to make our team the very best that we can be. For those of you who thought that I was done, Think Again!"

Hopefully Iverson gets an opportunity to play on a team that has potential to win a championship.

If he does, we all know that he could be the one missing answer to the contending teams problem.

**Sources say Pat Riley is in contact with Iverson...oh boy.