City Fan Brands the British Media, Blatter, and Platini "A Joke"

Perm VacationCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

Though I am just a small fish in a big pond—meaning "amateur writer"—I believe a good story should be based on fact with the imagination and talent of the writer to capture and entertain, I do not believe in this rubbish of having to fabricate and lie my way to capture the reader's attention.

I believe the British media are failing to keep up with the standard they set in the 1990s and are now resorting to misleading and lying to us, fabricating stories thinking it will do no harm.

So it is not only the British government that have got it all wrong but also the British media, for instance while the rest of Europe are watching on as Manchester City FC continue to chase the signatures of Carlos Tevez and Samuel Eto'o and FC Barcelona chase the signature of David Villa, all the British media can muster is a story on how Chelsea FC and John Terry snub Manchester City FC.

For added measure, about how Chelsea and Manchester City are locked in a tribunal over the development fee for Daniel Sturridge with Chelsea only offering £3 to £5 Million and City wanting more like £8 to £12 Million.

We City fans are known for our strong outer shell, armour if you will, so what the British media thinks of us is of no concern but surely if this continues, who will eventually lose out?

Some British Media outlets have always been anti-Manchester City due to their love affair with the red wearing Salford based club named Man United so I guess it is to be expected, but it seems we are going to need an upgrade in our City armoury.

I spoke to a Chelsea FC fan not so long ago, one of the respectable lot that disassociate themselves with the so-called Headhunter idiots, they suggested to exhibit offensive satisfaction to the dislike forced upon us and to embrace the love, I mean hate the opponent freely distributes while smiling back with great delight, in other words enjoy their negativity.

So, along the lines of what Scotty once said "We're gonna need a bigger shell captain", I wonder if Ebay sell a bigger shell?

Instead of attacking, mocking, and poking fun out of British football and British clubs, why are the British media not attacking Platini and Blatter?

Michel Platini the Frenchman and Uefa president who freely admits he hates the English? Are none of the British media English?

Look Platini up on Wikipedia, he looks freakishly like Napoleon Bonaparte.

Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA and hater of the English Premier League and their spending power, in love with La Liga and their spending power.

One thing that ticks me off is, where was Blatter and Platini when all this corruption in Italian football kicked off and where was Blatter and Platini when football fans were being attacked and killed in Rome?

They were planning on continuing to gift Champions League finals to Rome despite the violence and in my opinion I believe it is and was to intimidate English clubs and their travelling supporters due to their dislike for the English.

Where exactly were the British media on such matters? One or two part-time outlets did their best to cover the news with little affect as a travelling supporter getting critically hurt or losing their life is not front page.

It seems the under-dogs not only have the arrogant top four to deal with, they also have their supporters and the media to deal with.

Whether you like it or not Manchester City FC are fighting the corner for the rest of the English Premier League v. the world, so if you're a supporter of a non-top four side from any country then spare a small thought as you may also find yourselves in the same situation in the future.

It's people like Blatter and Platini that want to curb transfer fees and player wages which will mean your task of competing with the elite one day will be even harder especially when your own country's media are not around to back you up.

What exactly were Platini and Blatter saying when City chased Kaka? What were they saying when Real Madrid signed Kaka, what did they have to say about Real Madrid spending £200 Million on players in one transfer window?

Are British Football Associations and media powerless against Europe?

Is footballing Britain starting to lose its edge?