Ron Artest To LA: Dynasty Inevitable

Juicy JuiceContributor IJuly 3, 2009


Ron Artest + Lakers core = dynasty. Bringing Ron to LA finally makes the Lakers a team I can actually cheer for, and more importantly for the Lakers, a team poised to win two or three more championships.

Yeah yeah, Shaq in Cleveland, Vince in Orlando, Richard Jefferson in San Antonio, all great moves, but nothing compared to Ron to LA. 

Why am I so psyched? Well first, Ron is an absolutely amazing NBA player with a great style and presence on the court. Awesome defense and a boxer mentality all his own. Nothing proves Ron's ability and style better than the seven game series he orchestrated in this year's playoffs against the Lakers. In retrospect, in that seven game series Ron finally got his point across to Laker management, his play saying: "look, damn it, I deserve to be a Laker!" It is well know that Ron wanted to come to LA when he went to Sac-town a few years back.

Now let's get to my personal feeling for the Lakers. Don't ask me why, but I was praying young LeBron was going to single-handedly defeat the Lakers this year, but all I got was a boring Finals, and stupid puppet commercials.

Don't get me wrong, I loved young Kobe, crazy Myan-fro and all-- eight was great. Went out and bought his rookie and everything. But after the years went by, Kobe changed into this bizzaro-MJ, same killer drive as MJ, similar skills as MJ, but just somehow incredibly annoying.  Everything I loved about MJ was suddenly turned sideways-- why couldn't I like Kobe in 24?

I finally figured it out, nobody likes the coach's son, nobody likes the annoying cousin that definitely has skills, nobody likes a poser. Kobe is a little bit of a poser and brings an annoying air (as opposed to AIR) to the Lakers that I almost cannot stand to watch. Even this year, with the scowl--DUDE--everybody knows the scowl bit was all LeBron's from the get go.

But now with Ron Artest, I can honestly say, I will be rooting for the Lakers in 2010. Ron Artest is a great great player and will make the Lakers an incredible and original team with their own style and swagger. GO LAKERS!!! I can even live with Kobe getting six or seven rings now-- five seems inevitable with Ron.

Oh, and before I forget, do not even dare compare Ron to the Bull's Worm.  That is a ridiculous comparison, Ron has 100x more game than Rodman ever had.  

If the Lakers get Adam Morrison into the rotation, I might even buy a #8 jersey. 

(Check Kobe's face in the pic!!)