The Painful Life of A Manchester City Fan

True BlueCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - JUNE 11:  Manager of Manchester City Mark Hughes speaks to the media during a press conference to unveil Gareth Barry, the club's new signing, at the City of Manchester Stadium on June 11, 2009 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

There are now over 30,000 season ticket holders waiting for the new EPL season to start, and that number is estimated to rise to as high as 36,000.

That is a massive show of support for a club that has proved far too often how to F*ck things up.

For as long as many can remember City have struggled to make an impact, and have not even managed a cup final since 1981.

The changes in ownership, the many changes in management, and the massive numbers of players who have pulled on the sky blue shirt over the last 25 years are testament to the madness that has been Manchester City.

But still we dreamt.

Only 12 months ago City fans had the phrase "typical City" on their lips as Thaksin's ownership went pear shaped and the popular Sven Goran-Eriksson was jettisoned.

There were many doubts about the appointment of Mark Hughes and City fans were mumbling about "typical City".

City were becoming a joke in the eyes of other clubs' fans, with the diplomatic status of City's owner being the negative focus of almost ALL of the press reporting.

And then one day even the most hardened City fans and tabloid hacks were blown away by what could, in hindsight, be the single biggest football story ever.

No, not the the fact that the pies at the City of Manchester Stadium were to go up by 10p!

Manchester City were, at the stroke of a pen, the world's wealthiest football club.

There had been rumours of something massive the day before the news broke, I was called by my dad and told to get ready for a change in ownership the following day. It was even suggested that "some Arabs were interested."

It was massive, everything had changed.

City were now safe, as the details of the takeover were becoming clearer and the Robinho signing was made, the battle of Berbatov was ongoing.

Things were going mad, in a very different way from the decades before.

But, and there's always a but with City, the on-field plans are starting to hit the buffers.

As wonderful as the developments at the club have been, with new office blocks and ticketing facilities, the best kits in living memory as well as the great new website still things aren't going well in squad building.

So the pain of being a City fan is again coming along, in a completely different form, hope.

For years City fans expected little and typically got less than expected.

We knew where we were, well below the average.

The double relegation was just another City low, the double promotion was great but we knew in our hearts that it was a false dawn. Mediocrity was just around the corner.

More recently we managed to set a new record for home victories but failed to make an impact outside Manchester, typical!

But at least we knew where we were.

Then the awful feeling of hope and expectation landed and has been dashed on the rocks of Citydom.

Now of course the owners have unlimited finds and yet still cant get the players they want.

The economic downturn means nothing to the richest club in the world, normally that would mean a club could cherry pick the best players. But no, not City—destiny put a mental case in charge at Madrid at the same time so players flock to their colours and not City's.

So the plans for stadium extensions and new, world renowned training facilities are going ahead, but the team remains good, but NOT great.

Oh, the pain of being a City fan.

Mark Hughes remains in post when many would prefer Mourinho and perhaps Hughes is a stumbling block for big names, but City—the club who had 10 managers in as many seasons, are now standing by their man.

Typical City, we pick exactly the wrong moment to show loyalty and patience in a manager.

Oh the pain of being a City fan.

So the summer transfer window is open and City have spent £30m, hopes of massive names are turned to Santa Cruz and Barry (good but not great) and even now we feel somewhat downhearted.

We have been offered hope, clasped it close to our hearts and now it seems we are hurting more than when we were relegated, after all we fully expected that to happen.

Oh the typical bloody pain of being a City fan.

(P.S. Mr Halfpenny this article is meant to be a light hearted poke in the ribs of other City, we're keeping it in the family ;-) )


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