Manny Ramirez is Back!!! The Big Bopper is Back!!! The Maniaco is Back!!!

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Manny Ramirez is Back!!! The Big Bopper is Back!!! The Maniaco is Back!!!

- Yup! The Big Bopper's Back!! The 'Maniaco', The Long Hair One, Mr. LA Dodgers, The Franchise, The Dominican Babe Ruth (no, wait, that's Albert Pujols) ok, well, Mr. Dreadlocks himself - Manny Aristides Ramirez - Is now OFFICIALLY BACK!!

The game of Baseball is just a little better with Manny Ramirez. Watching Baseball w/ out Manny is like watching grass grow, literally. Manny Ramirez = Entertainment, You will be Entertain in some way or another. Either through a Big Towering Blast to left field, a thundering line drive double to center field or He might just fall on his face, roll around on the grass a couple of times like a damn fool and we'll cheer, laugh & love it and call it "Manny being Manny".

He makes it exciting to watch Baseball ( that's something you can't say about every game) His technical & God given ability to recognized Major League Pitching, is amazing. I could watch a Manny Ramirez at bat, all day. Can't wait for tomorrow ( July 3rd, 2009) to see the Big Bopper back in Blue.


(NOTE: I really dont care about the 50 game suspension. The way i see it, the man apologized to every one and that's good enough for me. I don't need any details. I don't want to know. He got caught, he payed the price, now he's back to proof to me and others that he doesn't need that poison. I believe that the Steroid Era was a creation of Bud Selig & others. If not their creation then am sure they knew about it, and did nothing. Condoning it, as it took place. I believe Manny Ramirez is a Victim of the Steroid Era. Young players made to believe that it was ok to take steroids. That they would not get caught. - I blame it all on Bud Seligs, He knew. And now he acts like he didn't know.)

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