Looking Past The Gridiron

Joe BridnerContributor IJuly 3, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles and  Atlanta Falcons  line up in the trenches  during a Monday Night Football game on ABC September 12, 2005 in Atlanta.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The way I see American football is just like thousands of other people. The standard for what is America. We hold dear to us the small things in life. It is in these small things that we find comfort. Football may not be small when seen as a whole, but when looked at through the average eyes; it is seen as one small piece of life that is always constant. One of the small things that we share. A kind of unity.

Faith, as we see it in the world, is an influence beyond all things. It is most often perceived as religion or god. It can also be something more simple. A value that is held dear, whether it be moral or corrupt. It is what a person can believe in and look forward to. For instance, people have always believed in love. It is a form of faith that holds people together, while some faiths threaten to tear people apart. Love is their. So is hate.

Football to me is as close to faith as any other thing that can be thought of. I can direct more emotions toward football than I can to many other things in life. It is one constant that has always been relied upon. It has never failed. Good or bad. Football, just like other things, is on a fine line. This line marks where peace can begin, or end.

You face the same discrimination's, while holding a belief in football team, that you would in everyday life. Hate, violence, love, happiness... the list goes on and on. Even the failures of a team; whether its good or bad, reflect not always upon the team itself, but also upon the followers of the team.

Discrimination can run deep through the most murky waters. I, for one, look at this as being a root for being human. But even the deepest roots can be uprooted. 

When looking at football, it is said that anything goes. Should that carry on past the gridiron and into our everyday lives? Maybe it is time for pettiness to be put aside. Or will it be just has it has always been. A history lesson repeated.