The Best Defense Is Low Self Esteem

Some GuyContributor IJuly 2, 2009

They say defense wins championships, unfortunately for one team, this has proven to be untrue for the past 12 years. The Dallas Cowboys have been using a different kind of defense than the one most people traditionally refer to when speaking about football. The kind of defense I refer to is trash talking defense.  Allow me to set the stage.

You're sitting at the bar minding your own business watching your favorite team, the team your grandfather rooted for, the team your father saw win a championship that no one mentions, and the very team that you were taught to love from the day you were born, the Philadelphia Eagles.

You're sitting there drinking your beer at a bar in Newark, Delaware about 45 minutes from Philly, and in walks a man wearing a Dallas Cowboys Jersey.  You struggle your hardest not to spit your drink back up (wasting beer is another quality you learn as an Eagles fan), you use every ounce of strength in your body not to boo him so loud that his mother can hear it. Then it happens, the inevitable, in a bar full of Eagles fans, the lone dissenter cheers as the Eagles miss a first and it begins.

Being a true fan you boo him, loudly and making eye contact. You of course decide to incite trouble, it's in your true green blood. You give him as much grief as possible, tell him you like his Texas accent (he doesn't have one, in fact he hasn't been to Texas, and most likely couldn't find Texas on a map if the states were written on their location), you ask him when he became a Cowboys fan (the 1990's of course), you tell him his team sucks and hasn't won a playoff game in 12 years and then you call him a front runner because you know there is no use wasting time not drinking beer. This leads us to the point of the article, defense.

His response, "five time Superbowl Champs." We all know that the Eagles have never won a Superbowl, it's a well known fact. He brings this up for a reason, he knows it's a sore spot. I can love my team regardless of the fact that they have never won a game, it's called loyalty. The fact that other teams in the NFC East point out to Eagles fans that they have never won a Superbowl, when we're just giving you grief for your team's lack of success, shows low self-esteem.

For you to have to validate yourself and your fanhood by bringing up the past long ago is sad. In the NFL, it's not what you've done, it's what you've done lately. You could be a perrenial pro-bowler, but once you lose production, you're no longer kept around for nostalgia, you're cut loose. In a game like this, long ago glory isn't forgotten, but the use of it as a defense mechanism most certainly will not win you any championships.

Rather than using someone else's success to justify why you like your team, go see a therapist. While the Eagles may not have won the big game, they're contenders every year, when the Eagles fans have our day, what will your defense be then?