If Celtics Get Sheed Like They Plan: Another Title In Beantown?

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If Celtics Get Sheed Like They Plan: Another Title In Beantown?
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So i've been listening, waiting, watching, reading, and hoping that this would be true since the moment i heard this rumor churning. Now yes I am a Celtics fan DUH and Yes I know some of you celtics fans will strongly disagree after reading all your comments on this story today, and yes mcdyess would be nice but thats not gonna happen, but thats ok.The fact is that no matter what anyone says, this deal, for 2 years for the MLE (5.8 mil), which has now been offered and is just waiting to be accepted would by far put Boston over anybody else in the east no matter what they do, because it gives the celtics back that sly, veteran forward like a pj brown, but longer and a better shooter, that they have been longing and waiting for since their championship season ended over a year ago. I know sheed is a headcase at times but you know that Doc and the gang will be able to handle him because just like them he wants another ring and he wants it now, and i know he is coming off of an "injury" ridden season, but really if you had to play with a really bad, distracted team because the executive thats supposed to help your team traded away one of the leagues elite championship caliber point guards and now you have no point guard cause stuckey, AI, and Rip all need to have shots and no one is there to pass you the ball or help you win for that matter? No, so a smart player like Sheed wasnt going to risk himself either. Therefore i don't think that there will be a problem with chemistry in beantwon, after all haven't we heard all this talk about to many stars for the celtics won't work and too many complaints about time and shots would ruin the team? yes we have, and just like last time that will not be one of the things that the c's have to worry about, (they did win a championship last time we heard all this talk right?), since the cavs have added shaq and are now probably going to add trevor ariza to the mix. So what i'm really saying is that with sheed in the mix the celtics dont have a reason not to challenge the lakers for their trophy back!

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