Best Of The Worst: All-Star Team From Only Losing Teams

Jack O'ConnellContributor IJuly 2, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 13:  Ryan Zimmerman #11 of the Washington Nationals bats against the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park on May 13, 2009 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The all-stars on this list only come from the following losing teams: Oakland A's, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres and the Arizona Diamondbacks.



C- Brian McCann. He is one of the best catchers of the past few years. His .310 average as a catcher is too good to be ignored.

1B- Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez is second in the MLB with 24 home runs. Although he only has a .265 batting average his OPS .985. He's one of the best first basemen in the game.

2B- Freddy Sanchez. Sanchez is not among the top second basemen. However, he is fifth among second basemen with OPS. His average is .316 making him the best second basemen on a losing team.

3B- Ryan Zimmerman. You probably know him because of his 29-game hit streak. He's on track for 28 home runs and 93 RBI. He does all this while hitting a solid .296.

SS- Miguel Tejada. Tejada has been very underrated player this year. He has .333 average this year. He already has 43 RBI which is second among all MLB shortstops.

LF- Adam Dunn. Great power, great OBP, bad average. A typical Adam Dunn year and he is third in the MLB in OPS among left fielders.

CF- Adam Jones. Adam Jones has been a young breakout star this year. He is hitting .305 with 12 home runs. He is also third in OPS among all MLB centerfielders.

RF- Hunter Pence. He's got a nice, solid bat with 10 home runs and a .310 average which is third among right fielders.

DH- Luke Scott. Scott has great power with 15 home runs and a .954 OPS.

P- Zach Greinke. Greinke has the best ERA in the bigs and has established himself as one of the best pitchers in MLB.

Batting Order

1. Hunter Pence

2. Adam Jones

3. Ryan Zimmerman

4. Adrian Gonzalez

5. Luke Scott

6. Adam Dunn

7. Brian McCann

8. Miguel Tejada

9. Freddy Sanchez

Not bad. I think if we put these guys together on one team it'd form a winning team. Notice there is no star power because all losing teams are small cap clubs. Compare this to my overall MLB all-star team.


C- Joe Mauer

1B- Albert Pujols

2B- Chase Utley

3B- Evan Longoria

SS- Hanley Ramirez

LF- Ryan Braun

CF- Torii Hunter

RF- Ichiro Suzuki

DH- Adam Lind

P- Roy Halladay

Batting Order

1. Ichiro

2. Hanley Ramirez

3. Joe Mauer

4. Albert Pujols

5.Ryan Braun

6. Evan Longoria

7. Chase Utley

8. Torii Hunter

9. Adan Lind