Et Tu Marvin Harrison? Et Tu?

Joe WillettSenior Writer IMay 2, 2008

We expect certain behavior from certain people.  Adam "Pacman" Jones makes it rain every day and night.  Tank Johnson always keeps guns close.  The Cincinnati Bengals get arrested every Saturday night.  Marvin Harrison keeps things in check by being a model citizen.

But I saw something on Comcast SportsNet Chicago that scarred me. 

There was a shooting at Harrison's North Philadelphia Bar.  Ballistics say that the type of gun that fired the shot was the same as a gun owned by Colts Pro Bowl wide out Marvin Harrison.

Sources say that the victim (who has not been named) walked into the bar in Harrison's hometown in Philly around 5 p.m.  He proceeded get into an argument with Harrison, who then followed him to his car.

Gunfire broke out and the victim was hit by one shot in his hand, an innocent girl also received minor injuries from flying glass off the car window.

Harrison was interviewed by police and admitted to owning a gun that is of the same type that fired the shots, but says that his gun never left his home.

Harrison's agent and police say that, although Harrison was interviewed, he is not a suspect, and that he is not being looked into any further than a witness.

"He was interviewed," Lt. Frank Vanore said Friday. "Why he was interviewed, that is all part of the investigation. No one is a suspect."

However, with all of the recent problems with athletes and other prominent people, I don't believe that the investigation on Harrison is over and done with.

I don't care how good of a person the man is, I have become hardened by people saying one thing and meaning the exact opposite.

I have a feeling that more reports will come out in the following days, and that this story involving a man, who has been the model for a great player in the NFL, will not die, and will ruin his reputation.

I am sad for the sorry state of sports now.

I'm Joe W.