Recap: Wacky Earl Watson

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst IMay 2, 2008

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08 Season Stats: ppg 10.7 rpg 2.9 apg 6.8

Best Game: Feb.06 @ Sacramento--Game Line 23pts 10assists 10rebounds (1st ever triple double)

Earl Watson surprised me a whole lot this season. I got to admit, I really didn't like this guy, and much preferred his counter-part, Luke Ridnour. He wasn't the type of point guard for the Sonics that would control the game, but instead at times seem wacky and out of control. But as the season went on, Watson convinced me otherwise. On a consistent basis he would put up 15points and 5assists games. This is exactly what I want to see out of a point guard. I think he will improve even more once Luke Ridnour is completely out of the picture, and another fast-pace player (Michael Beasley?) is added to the roster.

His improvement I believe can be attributed to his fearlessness. Unlike Luke, Earl Watson didn't hesitate to take it to the hole on various occasions. In return, Earl Watson would usually finish for a strong two points or at least get fouled to get to the free-throw line. His fearlessness, didn't just account for his on-the court play. But him, along with Nick Collision weren't afraid to speak their minds about the Sonic's impending move to Oklahoma. See Here: [SI] [SeattleTimes]

Earl Watson strives in the up-tempo game, but the high-pace style reveals his main weakness: Defense. Although he was able to steal the ball and start a 1-man fast break many times this season, Watson failed to effectively defend the opposing team's point guard. Western conference point guards like Deron Williams, Steve Nash, and Tony Parker owned the Sonics because Watson simply couldn't defend them.

Do you think Watson deserves a spot on the team next year? Should Ridnour "a pure point guard" be given his full starting job back? Should the Sonics be looking to take Derrick Rose a point guard next year?

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