19-0: Is It Possible The Patriots Can Make Another Run

Mike SimmonsCorrespondent IMay 2, 2008

The other Patriots fans and I are undoubtedly disappointed that Rodney Harrison didn't make a better decision and lift his hand and knock out the ball from David Tyree, and Ellis Hobbs didn't keep up with Plaxico Burress, so, if all that happened 19-0 would have happened.

All that didn't happened and what the Patriots got out of last season was a slap in the face compared to previous years. All that aside the Patriots still have a chance to go undefeated in the regular season because of their easy schedule (except for games against the Colts and Chargers).

Not to sound like an absolute full of myself as a Patriots fan, but the draft brought in a lot of young talent that could make this defense unstoppable. Not to mention the return record setters Randy Moss and Tom Brady.

Don't forget about Wes Welker who, in the 2007 season,  was tied for the league lead in catches (118).

Now this season, the Patriots will have the best receiving core and an amped defensive set including players like Jerod Mayo.

This defense was in need of an overhaul, but wasn't helped out by the departure of Asante Samuel. It was helped when Fernando Bryant came over from the Lions during the off-season, not to mention the solid draft that they had in which they addressed every need.

I believe that they got great deals, though Dan Connor could have been drafted instead of a corner back.

Also, they signed Scott Player, a former punter for the Cardinals who will spend a lot of time on the bench(The Patriots almost never punt), but is still a nice commodity to have.

Now to address Spygate. Since I live in New York I get a lot of smack for being a Patriots fan from Jets fans in my grade. The Jets fans keep telling me that Belichick was cheating all along, and that Mangini didn't do anything when he was a patriots coach while this was happening.

But that's just it, why would he bring this up when his team got absolutely pulverised by his now rivals, and not when he was a coach. I'll tell you why, because he wanted to get back at the Patriots organization for not bringing him back, and for just flat out being better.


On that note I will leave everyone with the information above. Feel free to revise if you deem it necessary.