WWE The Bash 2009 Prediction Competition Results

JSenior Analyst IJuly 2, 2009

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It's clear that The Bash has rattled a few cages, as several of the results and goings-on were out of the ordinary.

Edge and Chris Jericho managed to weasel their way to tag team gold, and Legacy played the numbers game to ensure Triple H didn't take Randy Orton's WWE Championship.

There has been some inquiry into how some of these matches will be assessed, so I will clear the air on those now.

The tag match has to be disregarded. Edge and Jericho were not billed to be in the match, hence their victory was nigh on impossible to predict.

I took some flak for not mentioning that The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler was a no disqualification match, but when I posted the competition this stipulation had not been announced. Therefore, I feel the result for that match should count.

The majority of matches, though, took place as planned. Fifty-six of you took part in this competition, with varied success, but who came out on top? Let’s get to the results:

Joint 55th – 0 points

Chris Jeter

Jacob Bradley

54th – 2 points

Tom Moore-Hilgenkamp

53rd – 3 points

Wyatt Beltz

Joint 50th – 4 points

Joe Dantonni

Josh McMullen

xxValentinoxx Aka Rashad

Joint 47th – 5 points

Nick Signorelli

Gabriel D

Tom Dunn

Joint 39th – 6 points

Danny Starry

Hayley Graham

J Capozzi


Josh Logan


Gary Johnson

Michael Scanion

Joint 35th – 7 points



Elisa Taylor

Svyato Rovenchuk

Joint 29th – 8 points

Ray Bogusz

Kurt Mehler

Tommy Cochran

Matthew Henning

John Landrigan

DJ Rallo

Joint 21st – 9 points

Dan Telek

Kyle Johnson

Dub Sizzle

Kendrick Davis

Turner Labrie

Michael Archey

Tori Horn

Catalina Monsalve

Joint 15th – 10 points

Connor Green

Jen Preston

OM Khaltz

Jared Farver

Mike Macho

Benjamin David

Joint 7th – 11 points

Gagan Samra

Jeff D Gorman

Shane H

Foley Is God

Ricky Bhatia

Jessy Morris

Jev Thorpe

Terrell Johnson

Joint 5th – 12 points

Joe Burgett

Kevin Canny

Joint 3rd – 13 points

Niall Kelcher

Nefatiri H

Joint 1st – 14 points

Scott Beeby

Frank Dinardo

With a possible maximum total of 16 (with the tag match discounted) 14 is a pretty impressive score, so congratulations to both Scott and Frank.

On a side note, I would like to make some things clear for subsequent competitions:

Anyone playing must try and guess who will win any particular match at a PPV. Not who will have the title, not who will turn heel, or who will interfere, just who will win the match.

It gets very confusing reading through some people's predictions when their picks are cryptic like this. I don’t mind a little insight into the matches, but, at the end, please state for who you are backing.

Also, remember that you are voting on the whole show. It frustrates me when I get picks for only a few matches, especially when the participant does well.

I thank you all for your continued support, and hope to hear from you again come Night of Champions.


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