The Future Better Than the Present

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The Future Better Than the Present
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

the future is better then the present is a simple statement that can mean so much it may be quite controversial but i believe it is true.

the main eventers today consist of hhh cena orton hbk batista jericho edge jeff taker punk rey and others.

but are they really that entertaining any more besides the young ones most of these people will be gone within five years and theres not that many that will still be around.

When i find myself watching raw or smackdown or even ecw i don't look forward to seeing triple h and orton continue there extremely long dusty feud. i look forward to the young talent showing what they got to give to the business

i always intently watch to see who will reach that main event level first or who will hold the real world titles first.

I always say the mid carders of today are the main eventers of tomorrow, and if that is any indication then we have alot of main eventers in the future, more than we have now.

the likes of the miz, mvp, john morrison, tyson kidd, dh smith, dolph ziggler, kingston, matt hardy, r truth, carlito, cody rhodes, jack swagger, ted dibiase, evan bourne, christian, and already main eventers such as edge, jericho, cena, orton, punk, and hardy.

I'm not saying all these people will make it top the top of the mountain, but that is a lot of talent. they are the real people carrying the show: the mid-carders, not orton or cena.

They can't carry the show by themselves the highlight of all the shows are seeing all that talent pushing themselves racing toward the top of the mountain to get that brass ring before anyone else.

they are the reason to watch wrestling and general, not saying that the upper talent aren't helping it along.

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