WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Projecting Matches That Will Fill out Card

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 24, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

WWE Money in the Bank 2014 has its marquee bouts set, but the undercard is still under construction.

Projecting what matches will fill the pay-per-view's airtime is a matter of looking at what hints WWE has dropped, foreseeing the path of story arcs and pinpointing stars the company wants to showcase.

Money in the Bank has just four official matches so far and the event hasn't had fewer than six bouts in its history. So expect WWE to start tossing out new additions in the coming days. Up-and-comers are sure to be a big part of those add-ons.

With Paige now set to defend against Naomi, all of WWE's champions are now scheduled to compete. Count on WWE instead leaning on a recent NXT transplant to round out the show.


Bo Dallas's Streak Continues

Since redebuting on the main roster, Dallas has garnered a healthy share of camera time. WWE has had him go undefeated in singles action so far, most recently knocking off Titus O'Neil.

He has competed on every Raw since reemerging on May 26. A sign of how highly the company views him came on the June 16 edition of WWE's flagship show. While Roman Reigns ended up winning the Battle Royal that night, Dallas survived until nearly the very end. 

WWE also shoved Dallas onto the Payback card at the last minute, having him never actually start his match against Kofi Kingston.

With all the attention WWE has paid him, the safe bet is that Dallas gets a short match against a low-level opponent come June 29. That's semi-good news for Zack Ryder or Diego of Los Matadores who will get an opportunity to step onto the Money in the Bank stage. Their time there won't last, though.

Dallas is getting the unstoppable-rookie treatment for now.


Stardust and Goldust vs. RyBaxel

Cody Rhodes' new persona is going to get some spotlight as well. A recent report from F4WOnline, via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc, states that WWE is essentially testing fans' reaction to the character, noting the following:

The plan is that if the angle gets over, they will get a WWE Tag Team Title shot at SummerSlam. If it doesn't get over, WWE changes course and we finally get the Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes singles match at SummerSlam.

With that in mind, it makes sense for WWE to put Stardust and Goldust in a last-minute match here to showcase the team. There aren't many options for their opponents, though.

The top heel team in the division (The Wyatt Family) will be busy battling for the tag titles. 3MB is no more after WWE released Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal and Los Matadores are one man short after Diego (formerly Epico) suffered leg injuries over the weekend.

That leaves the face-painted brothers with the duo that inspired this change in the first place.

Losing to Ryback and Curtis Axel had Rhodes break up the team at Payback. He then returned, reborn as Stardust, and bested his foes.

While it's a pairing fans have seen several times now, a lack of other options and the desire to see if the Stardust gimmick catches on lands these teams in the same ring once more.


Big E vs. Rusev

WWE hasn't announced that these two powerhouses will clash again, but it has planted some strong hints in that direction.

On Monday's Raw, Rusev and Lana degraded the United States while standing in front of the Capitol Building. Big E soon defended his country, only to look up and see Rusev charging at him.

This altercation was the first between them in a while, but it appears that WWE is revisiting a rivalry that it put on pause.

Rusev toppled Big E at Payback. The company appeared to drop the story at that point, having both men tangle with others. The collision at Monday's Raw, though, suggests that Round 2 is coming.

Their exclusion from the Money in the Bank Ladder match (WWE going with the surprising choices of Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger instead) is another sign that Big E and Rusev are meeting at Money in the Bank.

Look for Rusev to continue his reign, just as Dallas will, while Stardust looks to steal the show.

Hype won't be headed these wrestlers' way before the upcoming pay-per-view, but opportunity in the ring will.