Who's on Second: Anyone Else Got Dirt on Roger Clemens?

Nino CollaSenior Writer IMay 2, 2008

Anyone else want to jump on the dog pile forming on top of Roger Clemens’ reputation?

It just seems as if there is more out there.

I feel like Peter Petrelli from Heroes. I want to reach out and find the rest of them. They are out there, and I need to find them.

Of course I'm talking about the prospective enemies of Roger Clemens.

Or, should I say... Past encounters?

There are others out there, a guy as big in the game as Roger Clemens just didn't have an affair with some young thing and take some steroids. That would be crazy to think that he didn’t do more.

Weren’t players like Babe Ruth out partying every night or something like that?

This is 2008 after all. There is a lot to do, especially playing in a city like New York and going on road trips to ones like Boston, Cleveland-before it became run down of course, and Chicago.

Who’s to say Roger Clemens, who is probably on the road for more than half a year, wasn’t out living it up every night? Of course not the ones before he pitched; only David Wells would do that.

There has to be way more on Clemens’ plate, I mean come on. He is Roger Clemens after all. A seven time Cy Young Award winner, a two time World Series champion, and now as it is right now, a three time scumbag.

We have John Daly's ex, some young country singer named Mindy, his steroidal affair with Brian McNamee.

I know somewhere, out there, there could be a drug dealer ready to step up and throw some more on the Clemens fire that just seems to be getting hotter by the day.

Hell, he could even have a bookie. At this rate, nothing would surprise me. Why should it surprise anyone?

Big Tony could be out there running the streets ready to expose his running tab of Clemens and his previous betting history.

The wall that is Roger Clemens is falling apart brick by brick.

Which brick is the next one that will start tumbling down?

I'm not a Clemens fan, never have been, and after this I never will be. The only time I really liked the guy is when he was with the Astros.

But, and you may think I'm rather cruel to say this. I almost get a sense of enjoyment out of seeing this guy crumble.

When you lie as much as Clemens has, about steroids no less, one can only feel to enjoy every waking moment of the meltdown of Roger Clemens.

Who is next in the lineup that is ready to hit against Clemens? Chances are he won't be striking them out, and they will be hitting more home runs off him than commas I've used in this article.

What is my bet on all this? I'll go with his wife, and her claim that he forgot to put the toilet seat down, causing her to fall in. What a dirty, dirty scumbag!