Jabari Parker Visits Recovering Joel Embiid, Brings Oreos

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 23, 2014


Medication can dull the pain, but pills and prescriptions only do so much.

At some point in every recovery, your body needs Oreos—a fact Jabari Parker proved this weekend during a hospital visit with fellow NBA draft prospect Joel Embiid.

The former Duke star stopped by Embiid's bedside to check in on his friend and drop off much-needed supplies.

Judging by an Instagram photo Parker posted Sunday night, Embiid's care package included Gatorade, Oreos and a handful of "meds." Parker wrote in his caption that Embiid—currently recovering from foot surgery—is doing well and handling his rehab with a smile.

"Had to check up on my boy @joelembiid and give him his meds. He's in very good spirits. s/o to @arsnyder1 for taking the photo. #GodspeedJOJO," Parker wrote.

Chalk this up as a classy move by Parker, who may be moving up in the NBA draft due to Embiid's injury. Once projected as the consensus No. 1 selection, Embiid could fall several spots after having surgery to repair a stress fracture in his foot.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Embiid had two screws inserted into his right foot Friday morning. Embiid's surgeon, Dr. Richard Ferkel, says the procedure went smoothly.

"Two screws were inserted into the navicular bone in Joel Embiid's right foot," Ferkel said, via Wojnarowski. "The surgery went very well and I'm confident that after appropriate healing he will be able to return to NBA basketball."

Well, he's not exactly returning, Doc, but the distinction hardly matters. Despite the Greg Oden comparisons Embiid's injury has created, the 20-year-old Cameroonian transplant will play basketball in the NBA.

All Embiid needs right now is time and patience—and, of course, Oreos. You've got to have the recovery Oreos.


And someone straighten the picture on Embiid's wall.