Buffalo Bills: Quarterback Controversy?

Carl WagnerContributor IMay 2, 2008

This is the first of 11 articles targeting all position situations for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2008 season. The first entry will deal with the quarterback position.

It has been a while since the Buffalo Bills had any security at the quarterback position.

Whether it's the recent controversy between JP Losman and Trent Edwards, or the previous battles pitting Losman vs Drew Bledsoe and Doug Flutie vs Rob Johnson, there hasn't been a solidified starter for more than one season at this position since the retiring of Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly.

However, it appears as if Dick Jauron has finally found his starter in No. 5 Trent Edwards. 

The Bills had their opportunity to trade away the pesky J.P. Losman before and during the draft, but elected to follow the safe path and maintain him as a backup through the upcoming season. This was a wise move, as it has been apparent in the past few seasons that a team can not be successful with one quarterback unless that player has the staying power of a Favre or a Manning.

Should Edwards begin the season on a down side, or if he were to sustain an injury, it would once again fall on the shoulders of the unproven J.P. Losman. Ralph Wilson and the front office understand that this is a possibility, keeping Losman and practice squad quarterback Gibran Hamdan and signing undrafted talent Luke Drone.

But none of these players has shown that they have the ability to perform at a level necessary to play in the NFL.

Trent Edwards will start the season under center for the Bills.

It would be easy to say that it'll take a catastrophic breakdown on his part for him to lose the starting job, but that has been the notion for the past three seasons in Buffalo. In truth, a start worse than 2-2 would cause him to lose the job.

This is the year the Bills should establish themselves as an above average team, and losses this early in the season will be blamed on the quarterback position, whether deserved or not.

But I expect a very solid season from Edwards. He won't lose games, which makes him better than half the quarterbacks in the NFL today. To make this team playoff-caliber, though, he has to win.