SEC/Pac-10 Showdown: Which Conference is Best?

Robbie MunroeCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2007

There is a lot of talk swirling around college football about which conference is the best.  The obvious choices for many fans are the SEC and the PAC-10.  With California beating Tennessee in week 1, the PAC-10 wants recognition.  Lets approach this dilema...

One easy way to compare conferences is to look at the rankings.

USC is #1 in several polls.  Does that give the PAC-10 the edge over other conferences?

The SEC has 6 ranked teams in the current polls.  Clearly having half of your conference ranked in the top 25 gives you a boost in the conference rankings.

So which conference is #1?  Neither the SEC nor the PAC-10.

Check out the non-conference winning percentages after week 2:

Big 12 75% (18-6)

Big East 87.5% (14-2)

Big 10 81.8% (18-4)

PAC-10 81.3% (13-3)

SEC 82.4% (14-3)

Clearly, the Big East has been the best confence this year...with 7/8 undefeated teams going in to week 3 (talk about top to bottom)!  Each of these 5 conferences have at least 6 undefeated teams at the moment.  So who is the Big East playing in week 3?

West Virginia @ Maryland   Win 31-14

Cincinnati @ Miami (Ohio)

Pittsburgh @ Michigan State

Connecticut vs. Temple

South Florida...bye week

Louisville @ Kentucky

Rutgers vs. Norfolk St

Syracuse vs. Illinois (Illinois had one of the top recruiting classes)

I really don't see the Big East losing this week except for that last game.  Then again...Ron Zook is an awful coach.