Chris Johnson: A Young Star and an Ego To Match

Sam SnyderCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 29:  Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans looks on during the 'Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year' press conference at the Tampa Convention Center on January 29, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Vince Young is on the bench and Adam "Pacman" Jones is doing reality TV, so the focus in Tennessee is on the team, right? Apparently not.

Chris Johnson has reportedly called an end to the running back duo with LenDale White, known as "Smash and Dash."

"Smash and Dash have had a divorce—that's official. I have to be my own guy, so no more Smash and Dash, that was last year."

Folks, it gets worse. He later goes on and says:

"Every coach's dream, that's me. Because they say every team has it's own identity. I feel for me, I can't be noticed as a group any more. I am my own guy.''

Every coach's dream, huh? More like every coach's nightmare.

I have to feel bad for Jeff Fisher. He has spent the last few offseasons trying to get rid of all the egos on the team, and now has more to deal with.

Listen up, Chris, because if you don't want to hear this speech for the rest of your career, wise up while you can.

You're obviously not getting the point of playing football. The point of football isn't to make a name for yourself, it isn't to show yourself off to everyone. It's to make a name for your team, and it is to show off your team. 

More importantly, it is to win, and last time I checked, you have to be on a team to win.

I know the concept of being on a team is new to you, but you have to understand it. Stop worrying about how you will be noticed, and start worrying about winning the game. Don't let the fame get to your head.

"...they say every team has its own identity..."

That's right: Every team has its own identity, but you are not the team. You are on a team; everything isn't just you. You are not the Tennessee Titans, and they would do fine without you. You are on the Tennessee Titans. You work to make them look special, not to make yourself look special.

It would really make your life a lot easier if you refrained from running your mouth like that. Terrell Owens did the exact same thing you did, and he has been dumped by three teams and has an empty ring finger.

Don't fall down the path of the diva; it will only make things worse. And if you have to break up "Smash and Dash," think of an excuse that doesn't make you look like a fool.