What's Up for the Montreal Canadiens ?

Miah D.Senior Writer IMay 2, 2008

While the Colorado Avalanche is cleaning their dressing room, the Habs are trying to avoid the elimination Saturday night.

Till then, here are a few things regarding our lovely Habs from BR and elsewhere.

Dominic Pampalon published a Scary new , concerning our AK-46.

Daniel Arouchian brings to you today's News from the World of Hockey, including the Habs. Please, make sure to drop by Jennifer Conway's piece of art.

Alan Bass reports to us the starting goaltender for the crucial game.

Guy Carbonneau brought back his old lineups for the game, so Kovalev goes back with Pleky and Kosti, and the young Sergei goes back with the captain.

Ken Armer makes a tribute to our coach, from the Dallas Stars’ zone.

Alexei Kovalev and Andrei Markov won't have their places in the Russian roster for the World Championship, even if the Habs are eliminated from the playoffs. The Russian team head coach declared that they already have complete lineups for the forwards, and for Marky, there are rumours that he is playing with an injury.

The Hamilton Spectator calls Begin's penalty a "mental mistake.”  And tries to get some solutions to get the Habs out of the fire for at least tomorrow.  

"The Habs need to get inside Biron's head and get him out of theirs. And that requires a mental toughness they've exhibited far too infrequently (...) They need to get tougher in the head, and the body. They are a few inches removed from the few rebounds Biron has allowed, a flaw which, when a goalie is on a roll, keeps him there."

The Toronto Sun reports that prospect Fabian Brunnstrom will have talks with the Red Wings, the Stars, and the Canadiens.

By the way, does anyone know how is it going for Alexei Yemelin?


The French website, cyberpresse.ca brings up a few facts, questions, and suggestions we can think about while waiting for the game:

1) Michael Ryder got caught building paper planes on the press gallery during game four.

Please, easy on the conclusions. In fact, there are a lot of possible explanations.  He wanted to disturb the fans below.  It was in fact the right game plan forgotten in the dressing room.  He hoped the paper would end up on Biron's eyes and screen him.

2) One journalist says that having Kovalev and Koivu on the same line does not bring the best from the two talented players. A kind of battle of the chiefs if I may translate it that way.

3) Another thinks Kovalev is going back to his old habits: selfish play, and long sequences, which eventually lead to turnovers.

4) An article asks why everyone blames Begin, while nobody talks about Koivu's penalty which ended with Umberger's first goal of the night, during game four.

For my part, I just hope that Kovalev finds a way to transmit that anger to his stick and his teammates. 

Go Habs.