B/R Turns Into The WWE: Raw Results From The Bash

Raw General ManagerCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Batista poses in the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

As I promised, here are the results from The Bash. These are only the Raw results, though. When I receive the SmackDown and ECW results, I shall post them as well. Some interesting stuff went down. Enjoy! 


Monday Night Raw

Hacker Vs JLB Vs Sulayman

Joe Burgett used his rematch clause to add himself to the match. GM Svyato Rovenchuk came out and introduced an new match for the situation. The match was called an "All Or Nothing Match."


You can win the match by pinfall or submission.

There will be 5 falls/tap outs in the match.

If you are a champion and you get pinned, you lose the belt.

If you do not hold a title and get pinned, you have until the end of the match to pin someone else or you get fired.

After all 5 pins/submissions the people holding the belts will be the new champs and anyone that is set to be released will be.


Round 1: The Hacker pins JLB via Wins The World Title.

Round 2: Sulayman pins JLB via JLB is set to retire.

Round 3: Joe Burgett pins Hacker via Joe Burgett wins the World Title.

Round 4: Hacker pins Joe Burgett via wins back the World Title.

Round 5: Joe Burgett makes Sulayman tap out using the Boston Crab via he wins the WWE Raw Title.

Final Results:

Joe Burgett is the New WWE Raw Champion,

Hacker is the New World Heavyweight Champion,

JLB is fired!

Ryan Michael def. Shane Howard (Hell In A Cell)

Shane Howard experienced a career-ending injury as he broke multiple bones in his leg. Shane was forced to quit the WWE.

Captain Charisma def. Connor Green & Chris Browne to win the Intercontinental Championship

Captain Charisma pinned Connor Green after hitting The Detonator on him. After the match Chris Browne and Connor Green attacked the new Champion. The attack finally stopped when the GM came out with some news.

He announced that there would be a MITB match for the Raw superstars and it would involve newly signed Adam Roberts, Connor Green, Chris Browne, Ben Sampson, Adrian Staehle, and Terrell Johnson (six-man MITB). Chris Browne and Connor Green were pleased.

Connor Green def. Chris Browne, Adam Roberts, Ben Sampson, Adrian Staehle, and Terrell Johnson to win the MITB breafcase

All six man were up there on three ladders. Adam got rid of Adrian. Followed by Ben getting rid of Adam and Terrell. Connor, Chris, and Ben were left up there. 

Ben threw Chris off the ladder. Connor punched Ben off the ladder as he took the breifcase down. Connor can now be considered the most dangerous man on Raw.

European Championship: Shockwave def. Adam Testa, Mina, Jen Preston

Shockwave hit the Biohazard on Adam and pinned him to win the European Title.

Quick Results

Joe Burgett is the New WWE Raw Champion

The Hacker is the New World Heavyweight Champion

Captain Charisma is the New ITC Champion

Connor Green wins the WWE Raw MITB breafcase

Shockwave wins the European Title

Raw is out!