Can The Giants Bring Calm To Chaotic Albany?

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IJuly 1, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 17:  Justin Tuck of the New York Giants looks on before the New York Yankees play the Washington Nationals on June 17, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Big Blue's Presence Could End Stalemate

The last place any non-elected New Yorker wants to go these days is Albany, the capital of the great Empire State, which is in the throes of one of the most chaotic periods of political unrest in the state's history.

But, that is where the New York Football Giants, their entourage and their accompanying media pool will be heading in a few weeks.

The state senate is in a hopeless deadlock which has virtually shut the government down during a session that has massive tax, education, labor, health and budget bills waiting to be acted upon.

The story up there these days is another one of those that you just cannot make up. The Democrats had a majority until a few weeks ago when two of their senators switched allegiances to the Republicans. They deposed the sitting speaker and claimed their coup was legal.

Before anyone could formally challenge, one of the defectors, Hiram Monserratte—who is under indictment for slashing his girlfriend with a glass bottle—changed his mind and crossed back over to his side of the aisle. 

But the damage was already done.

Now the two sides are both claiming possession of the senate. The governor, David Patterson, who is legally blind and an admitted drug abuser and adulterer, is attempting to mediate the situation to no avail.

The state government is in a stalemate.

Every downstate news agency has set up camp in Albany awaiting any sign of a detente or solution. In the meanwhile, state and local governments are sitting on their hands, becoming more and more impatient as funds in their respective coffers dissipate by the minute.

Enter the New York Football Giants, the unsuspecting dupes driving into this nightmare.

The Giants are in the final year of their commitment to the University of Albany and will open their camp there on July 25th. The question is, will the state senate have come to its senses and gotten back to work? Or will they still be playing musical chairs while the rest of us sit and marvel at the selfishness and ineptitude of our elected officials?

Hopefully, all will be resolved by then, but you never know with this crew. Sometimes they need a show of force to drive home the point.

Thousands of Giant fans make the trek to Albany from all over to visit them at camp every year. Last year, over 44,000 Big Blue fans made the trip.

The senate has to know the Giants are coming. If they don't, they'll know soon enough by the extra media presence and the additional protesters in front of the Capitol who will be letting their sentiments be known. The idiocy that has throttled progress in Albany will suddenly spill over onto the sports pages.

These bungling boobs will have to put their best foot forward, bite the bullet and get the job done.

The Giants may be the catalyst that gets the state's business rolling again.