Wishlist for Blackhawks: Things to Do to Become Competitive For the Next Decade

Ugly LoserContributor IJuly 1, 2009

DETROIT - MAY 27:  Patrick Kane #88 of the Chicago Blackhawks looks on against the Detroit Red Wings during Game Five of the Western Conference Championship Round of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs on May 27, 2009 at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. The Red Wings won 2-1 in overtime. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Ok, this is the things Blackhawks must do. The biggest problem is cap space, and this is what they can do:


  1. Brent Sopel is a waste of money and will be impossible to trade him, hence you package a deal with Duncan Keith. Yes, I've said Keith. After watching most of the games I still don't understand why lots of people rave about this guy, he can be replaced. Trade Sopel + Keith for some drafts to open cap space. Maybe add a second round draft to the deal to sweeten it. 
  2. Do not have 2 pricey goalies. I repeat, either stick with Heut or trade him for Habby. 
  3. Ok, this will be a hard one, and I'm sure most won't want to hear it, but trade Brian Campbell. He is too pricey and not worth the money. Trade Campbell + first round pick. Blackhawks will have late picks in the first round anyways.


Let's see how much money we saved here.


  • Brian Campbell   $7,140,000
  • Huet                $5,625,000
  • Sopel               $2,333,000
  • Keith                $1,475,000
Grand total of  $16,573,000
I'm not saying this is easy, but would be my plan.
Now what would I do with this cap space??
  1. Sign Kane long term
  2. Sign Toews long term
  3. Sign Sharp long term
  4. Sign Havlat long term. I know he gets injured but he is an all star when healthy.
  5. Sign Buff long term
Above 5 players and Hossi should be the core of the team for the next decade. 
Ok, now rip me apart and tell me how dumb I am and don't know much about NHL. Actually I don't know that much but this is what I would want after watching last year.