McDaniels: Give Him a Chance

Seth MeltonCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

ENGLEWOOD, CO - MAY 03:  Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos oversees practice during minicamp at the Broncos training facility on May 3, 2009 in Englewood, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Josh McDaniels is already loathed by most Denver fans. Yet this guy hasn't even coached a single game yet. So why not give him a chance?

Let's take a look at the situation McDaniels is stepped into.

The best coach the Denver Broncos ever had just got fired. Shanahan was practically the only coach I have known in Denver, but I still think it was time for change. Denver has been the staple point of mediocrity finishing 9-7, 7-9, and 8-8 the last three seasons.


Time for a change

Everyone wanted Bowlen to bring in a defensive coach, but instead he brought in McDaniels who is offensive minded. Instantly, I think the hate went to McDaniels instead of Bowlen. McDaniels had an opportunity to become a head coach and he took it. You can't blame him for being Denver's new coach. I think fans would hate anyone who took this job until they start winning. So give him time to at least try to win.


Jay Cutler fiasco

When you don't answer phone calls from your owner and your head coach are you suppose to keep the player? He isn't Brady or Manning. If someone calls and gives you a lucrative offer you listen.


2009 Draft

We lost Cutler and gained Orton. We drafted Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers in the first round. If Orton isn't Cutler then you might as well make it easier and get a better running game.

Ayers can play outside linebackers and maybe defensive end. I understand we still need help on the defensive line. Aside from Raji there wasn't a dominate nose tackle. Not to mention it still takes defensive linemen time to develop. I don't remember hearing Haynesworth's name every year as a game changer.


Only time will tell

Let the guy coach and see what he can do. If we start 4-0 will anyone be bashing McDaniels? Like I said this is a tough year look at the schedule NFC East, AFC North, Patriots and Colts. Does anyone have a tougher schedule than us outside their division? Best thing we can do as Denver fans is support McDaniels, not hate him for everything he does.