Detroit Pistons Free Agency Rumors and Possibilities: July 1, 2009

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Detroit Pistons Free Agency Rumors and Possibilities: July 1, 2009
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The Pistons will not, for any reason, combine Rip and Tay in a deal for Chris Bosh.
The combined contracts are much more than Bosh’s and would be too much to take on if your Toronto unless you throw in additional players.

On the Pistons' end, the deal doesn’t make sense because Bosh would have to sign an extension, something that isn’t guaranteed. Giving up two quality players for one year with a another quality guy just isn’t equal.

On an interesting note, the Pistons could move Rip and a draft pick to make a deal work. They would have to bring back Bosh and a bench player with a slightly high contract; that would free Toronto up with a little over $5 million in cap space.

Toronto would get some stability on the offensive end with Rip, a mid-level free agent, and a draft pick for Bosh’s one year deal.

The Pistons would be better this year and have Bosh’s expiring contract for next year’s free agency class.

If I’m Joe Dumars, I would be more than happy to give away my draft picks. If Toronto is willing, I would give them all of my picks next year. It is the closest thing to a win-win deal I can see.

David Lee and the Knicks could also be a part of deal like this. It depends largely on the contract he signs with New York. If he makes a moderate contract anywhere south of $10 million, then the Pistons could look at him as a long term option.

This deal is not ideal, though. New York will be looking for expiring contracts and/or selling points for LeBron James. If they don’t grab Jason Kidd, then Rip could be a good selling point but they will have less finances to pursue LeBron or other top free agents. It would be a much more difficult move to make.

Interestingly though, the Knicks may move him for very little—draft picks even, just to keep cap space. Kwame Brown and a draft pick may be all it takes, leaving Detroit with Rip. This type of sign and trade deal could also be explored if Villanueva gets a higher offer to go elsewhere.

If I’m the Pistons and I make the deal for Villanueva, then both Bosh and Lee become solid trade options. Both options make the team better right now and have solid long term positives as well.

On a side note: I was listening to Pat Caputo refer to Joe Dumars as being Matt Millen, thanks to his poor drafting, last night on 97.1 The Ticket. If you throw out the Eastern Conference Finals trips and a Championship Ring, and the positive trades and Free Agency Acquisitions, and the financial management that created this year’s cap space, and, okay—they aren’t the same, but the drafting hasn’t been a strong point.

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