Round 14 AFL: Geelong vs. St Kilda Has Finally Arrived

Kym CharlesContributor IJuly 1, 2009

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 30: Luke Ball of the Saints in action during the round one AFL match between the West Coast Eagles and St Kilda at Subiaco Oval March 30, 2006 in Perth, Australia.  (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

After weeks and weeks of talk about this match and  whether or not Geelong and St Kilda would even make it here undefeated, the match of the year has finally arrived. Both teams have had their fair share of scares (whoa that's creepy) but they have managed to remain unscathed in the loss column.

But will this game be any good and what will it really tell us?  Maybe it will be good but ultimately it will probably tell us nothing. Remember when Port Adelaide went to Kardinia Park in the last round of 2007 and won and then got smashed in the Grand Final.

Basically this will be a match surrounded by massive hype which more than likely will not reach the heights that it is supposed to. Hopefully it does though or there will be a whole lot of people very disappointed, especially the people who bought tickets off of scalpers for three times or more of their face value.  Idiots.

These two teams have been far and away the most consistent of all the teams this year. They both have bullied teams into submission with their ball use and tackling, especially St Kilda who have taken their tackling pressure to an all-time high level.

Already this year has been a record breaker for The Saints. They became the first team in history to have a percentage over 200% after five rounds. They have also broken the club record for wins in a row. 

Their defence has been at legendary status after keeping opposition teams to below an average of 60 points. Teams have struggled against the seemingly endless pressure The Saints have been applying.

Geelong on the other hand have been racking up the numbers on the offensive end.  They seem to have an endless supply of goal scorers and it is almost impossible to keep a handle on all of them. 

Shutting down Mooney and Johnson only gives Chapman and Varcoe and co. the licence to run amok.

Just lately Shannon Byrnes has boobed up and is kicking goals with regularity. Their collection of match winners is unmatched with Brownlow Medalist Jimmy Bartel, Gary Ablett, Joel Selwood and Cameron Ling all running through the midfield.

They have a great backline as well with one of the best fullbacks of all-time Matthew Scarlett making sure everything runs smoothly. A lot of run comes from there as well with guys like Joel Corey, Corey Enright and Andrew Mackie causing teams a heap of trouble.

The midfield battle will be a hot one with both sets of players on fire at the moment.  St Kilda's brigade of Montagna, Hayes, Dal Santo, Ball and Goddard along with taggers Jones and Baker will cause Geelong a headache trying to shut them all down.

Geelong has their own fleet of stars though with Bartel, Ablett, Selwood, Ling and Corey with others floating through when needed. Both forward lines are potent with Geelong's tall forwards Mooney and Hawkins surrounded by an army of crumbers waiting to pounce. 

St Kilda has the twin towers of Reiwoldt and Koschitske and their own set of smalls led by Milne and Schneider.

The game styles have become similar yet different. They both rely on a weight of possession but where Geelong will overwhelm teams with scoreboard pressure, the Saints are stifling teams with defensive pressure and able to kick an effective score to win.

So does the outcome of this game really matter?  Probably not in the grand scheme of things but neither of these teams wants to be blown out of the water by the other. 

They will fight it out and whoever comes out on top will have the opportunity to go through undefeated while the other will still be a comfortable second ahead of the chasing pack.

Let's hope it's a good game and for my sake I hope that my Sainters win.