The Next A Guide for Dating on Bleacher Report

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 The Next A Guide for Dating on Bleacher Report
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Many people don't realize that Bleacher Report can be used for more than just writing.  This site can not only fufill your need for sports, but it can spark your love life as well.  The hardest thing to do when looking for a significant other is approaching them, so I am here to help.

The following are the ultimate pickup lines to post on your crush's wall:

Have you ever written a bad article? Cause I haven't seen one.

Reading your articles is like getting to watch my favorite player hit a walk off home run.

You are the exact opposite of the NY Mets season.

You complete me like a pass from Romo to Witten.

Wanna bump-draft?

I would hold out halfway through training camp for you.

You must be related to the Bills' tight end, because you are Fine.

Getting with you would be like winning the Super Bowl.

If you were a quarterback, I would be your right guard.

You're like Tiger Woods's swing: Perfect.

If I charged into the lane, would you foul me?

God you're gorgeous, you just struck me out looking.

Every day with you would be like Super Bowl Sunday.

Getting a comment from you is like winning the Super Bowl, twice.

You and me go together like Jeter and pinstripes.

If you write one of those, you'll be getting more wall posts Lindsey Lohan's Facebook Page.


Here are some Bleacher Report dating etiquette tips:

The "Great Comment" button might as well say "wink" or "hey hot stuff"

Don't write too much on your crush's wall...always leave them wanting more.

Don't comment on everything they write, and when you do, keep it short.


Who knows? Maybe if you hit it off, you'll co-write some stories together.  Then if it gets real serious, you and your new lover will start a blog together.

Good Luck!

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