Tom Brady: Super Bowl Champions Rests On His Knee

Seth MeltonCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 7:  Quarterback Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots walks off the field with the aid of the Patriots staff after being injured on a play during their NFL game against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 7, 2008 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Patriots defeated the Chiefs 17-10. (Photo by Elsa Garrison/Getty Images)

There is no doubt in my mind when you look at the 2009/2010 Patriots were looking at a dominant team.

I know everyone is saying this is a completely different division and I understand the other teams got better. Let us not forget this is the New England Patriots were talking about.

First off lets talk about the division getting better.

If I remember correctly two years ago when the Patriots were bashing opponents every Sunday didn't everyone say they had weak competition? I'm not saying the Patriots are going to go undefeated, I'm just saying I think they will win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl champions have to take some bumps in the road to get ready for that. When you win 19 straight games its hard to be a little over confident.

This time I don't think they will go undefeated, so I believe the division improving will only help them.

Also, didn't the Patriots go 11-5 last year without Tom Brady.

How much better did this division get in the offseason?

Buffalo lost left tackle Jason Peters and gained Terrell Owens. So you gain a dynamic receiver "that supposedly causes problems everywhere he goes" and you lose back side protection for a quarterback that is yet to be proven. They did draft Aaron Maybin to offer more pass rush, but he is still a rookie.

The Miami Dolphins still have the wildcat but they did lose some veterans in the secondary. I'm going to give the Dolphins a push and keep them about what they were last year. Let's not forget they did have one win just a year ago though. I do think Pennington is the second best QB in the division though.

The New York Jets are kind of in a spot were not sure about. They have a new coach, new players on defense, and no Brett Favre. I don't think losing Favre will hurt them, but they still don't have a proven QB. We all know sometimes coaching changes don't go as well as we would like them to.

How much better are the New England Patriots?

This is what I have been waiting for.

So Buffalo got T.O. well the Patriots got Shawn Springs who has experience against Owens. They also signed Leigh Bodden for veteran minimum which is a steal.

Jerod Mayo now has another year of experience under his belt. Welker and Moss are now entering their third year in the New England offense.

With the addition of Joey Galloway the Patriots can really stretch the field. Galloway's age won't be an issue, Welker will play the No. 2 most of the time. This will allow Galloway to stay constantly fresh and put his speed to use. They have three solid veteran receivers all with proven hands, speed, and knowledge of the game.

Fred Taylor—WOW—a huge addition for the Patriots. Taylor is a workhorse who won't have to handle a heavy load in New England.

Maroney is also coming back from a banged up year with a broken shoulder. Kevin Faulk is always productive and very underrated in my opinion.

According to analysts they also had one of the best drafts. I did mention earlier that the jury is always out on rookies until they play.

The Patriots did lose veteran Rodney Harrison, but they are the best about replacing players.

As the title eludes to, this all rest on the knee of Tom Brady.

I don't believe they have another Cassell backing him up, but still Cassell is no Brady. Tom Brady just has the "IT" factor we all like to call it. If Brady's knee holds up were looking a brutally talented team.

The offensive line will be doing whatever it takes to make sure Brady stays protected.

Brady hasn't played in a year so you know he is ready to get back out there and prove he still has it.