Cleveland Cavaliers: My Dream Offseason

Beyond the Arc BasketballContributor IJune 30, 2009

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So my first thought already happened, Receiving Shaq, for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavs, 2010 second rounder and $500,000.

The Shaq trade benefits use and gives us that tall defender we could really use against D12, Bynum, Gasol and other big centers that play physical.

The draft disappointed me in a way, but also didn't surprise me in others. When we were on the clock at pick No. 30, we drafted a undrafted player from overseas.

I knew the selection was made to save money however we need guys who can come in and play now. Left on the board were Blair and Youngboth guys could of came in and play now and help us win the title.

Our second time on the clock was for pick No. 46. We selected Danny Green from UNC. I was happy with this pick because we have a scorer and a lengthy defender in Danny Green.

However I was more determined to select a point guard, solving our issues at the backup point guard spot with Patrick Mills from Saint Mary's, or solve our bench scoring issue with Dionte Christmas from Temple.

Overall I thought we could of done better, but will see how things go on with Danny Green, hopefully he'll pan out to replace Wally and/or Sasha Pavs.

Enough with the draft onto the free agency, trading, re-signs, etc. 

With the Free Agent signing period starting tomorrow, I would expect the Cavs front office to be working the phone lines 24/7, because there are a few free agents or guys I'm really hoping to receive.

One of them is Charlie Villanueva. Charlie V has that athleticism to help us at the four spot, and he has the ability to play the pick-n-popreference Z and LeBron James did it all last year.

Charlie V is also young which means him and Varejao can log long minutes while our older guys, Z and Shaq can log about 20-30 minutes a game and our upcoming young guys, Darnell Jackson, JJ Hickson can learn from our set of big-men and can improve. I am hoping CV signs around the MLE. 

The other free agent big-man I want to get if he doesn't get resigned by the Lakers would be LaMar Odom. A 6'10" shooter can play the perimeter or can play in the post and has the ability to defend a lot of defenders.

He could also be a huge impact player for us this next season. I am hoping if he does come to Cleveland which is highly unlikely that he comes around to $5-7 million with a one year $6 million or two years 12-13 million dollar deal. 

Now onto Perimeter players, I would be ecstatic if we received major interest from Trever Ariza. A young perimeter player would could play the two or three.

Ariza can shoot the open 3-ball and run the floor extremely well which would be huge because you know what happens when LBJ runs the floor. Now he will have another option if we sign Trever Ariza. This would also be apart of the replacement of Wally/Sasha deal and also would be playing Next to LBJ/Danny Green as the two or three spot on the floor.

For the point guard spot I think we should trade Gibson/Darnell Jackson for Earl Watson from OKC. He's small, which Mike Brown doesn't like, but he has a good shooting range and understands the point guard spot. Watson could also could play the other guard position if needed.

In terms of re-signing players, the only guy I really want back on this team for the 2009-2010 season is Anderson Varejao.

He's a major part of the success of the team last year and needs to stay. He's the low post bruiser and he's developing an a perimeter shot, very slowly however. He is a great player for the Cavs and defends the KG, Bosh, stat guys that Z couldn't handle or Ben Wallace at the time because of size, quickness and lateral speed. 

We need to let Joe Smith, Wally, Zo walk away from the team because Wally was a very weak defender and the guys went right by him ever time.

Joe Smith because he is getting older and becoming less of a force and it looks like his knee's are giving out.

Zo because all he did was ride the bench for free..I think he only played in like 10 games of the season and most of them were early season.

Those are my hopefuls/thoughts etc

I hope it wasn't too long and more updates will becoming from me as the FA period gets underway and trades start happening.


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