Baseball's Top 10 Hitters of the First Half

Mike KentSenior Writer IJune 30, 2009

ST. LOUIS - APRIL 06:  :  :  Albert Pujols #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals takes a swing against the Pittsburgh Pirates during Opening Day on April 6, 2009  at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 6-4.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The first half is coming to an end, and it is time for the first half rankings.

We have had some amazing hitting this season, and it has been fun all around. The hitters have not held back on the bats and have been knocking home runs like tennis balls.

But, who are the top 10 hitters this season?

I wrote a list ranking who I think are the best hitters this season. I counted HR, RBI, OPB, AVG, and SB.

Please let me know what you think of my rankings.

Enjoy the list!


10. Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler was great in the first two months of the season. He was the best player in the AL for some time.

But he has slowed down in the last month, and, as Ian goes, so do the Rangers.

His stats are still great though; Ian has 18 home runs and 16 steals. His AVG is very low, and that is why he is only No. 10.


9. Mark Reynolds

Mark is one of the good stories of the season. He has been the only good player on a very bad Arizona Diamondbacks.

If he were a bit older, you can bet that teams would go after him before the trade deadline.

He has been very good with no help from any other hitters. He has 21 home runs and 54 RBI, but his AVG is very low.  That is why, just like Kinsler, he is ranked so low.


8. Torii Hunter

Hunter is the reason the Angels are in first in the AL West. With all the injuries and letdowns the team has had, Hunter is the guy that has picked up the slack.

His 17 home runs, which are second in MLB among center fielders, and his 56 RBI, which lead all center fielders, are part of his great season.

His speed has been big for the team too, with his 12 SBs and 16 doubles.


7. Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun has been one of the two hitters that are the reason the Brewers are in first in the NL Central.

Not only has he golfed 16 home runs and driven in 56 runs, but he also has a .321 AVG and .421 OBP.

The young man has 17 doubles and two triples. He is looking great and definitely deserves top 10 honors.


6. Adrian Gonzalez

Gonzalez is one of the best hitters in baseball, playing for the worst offensive team (the Padres), but is still hitting very well.

You start feeling sorry for the man because he could be in the top five of baseball.

He has 24 home runs, but the rest of his stats go a bit down due to no help around him. He only has 47 RBI and has only scored 46 runs.


5. Justin Morneau

We have not heard about this guy much this year—at least I have not, because I am more of an NL guy.

But this guy is incredible, and he has helped the Twins stay in the race in the AL Central.

Justin has 18 home runs with 63 RBI. His 20 doubles and .309 AVG have really helped his team through the first half.


4. Evan Longoria

Evan has been marvelous for the Rays. Last year's AL Rookie of the Year has not slowed down.

He has 16 home runs and 63 RBI with an AVG of .303, and he has helped the Rays keep pace with the Red Sox and Yankees.

The young man is still growing, and he is going to help the Rays win for seasons to come.


3. Prince Fielder

One of the best players in the league is not going to start in the 2009 All-Star Game, and that is because there is a man named Albert that has been the best in baseball and happens to play the same position.

But that does not stop Prince Fielder from killing pitchers. He has been very good. He is second in the league in RBI with 73 and has 19 home runs.

His OBP is .424—that is amazing. The big man has been the main reason the Brewers are in front in the NL Central.


2. Raul Ibanez

I do not know about you, but if you told me Raul Ibanez would have 22 home runs by Jun. 9, I would tell you that you were an idiot.

Who is the idiot now?

He has been astounding with the Phillies. I think most of the Phillies' success depends on him, and that is why the Phillies started losing once he went on the DL.

Think about it—how many home runs would he have if he did not get injured?

He should be coming back soon, lucky Phillies. 


1. Albert Pujols

I think we all knew that Albert Pujols would be No. 1, and he deserves that respect from us.

His numbers: 28 home runs, 74 RBI, and an OBP of .450.

He is one guy with a chance at winning the Triple Crown, and I think he may do it. If anyone is going to do it, it will be Albert.

The guy is not only the best hitter—he is the best player in baseball.