PITTSBURGH STEELERS Michael Vick's Home Sweet Home!!!

Fred OliverContributor IJune 30, 2009

PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 10:  Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons runs with the ball while being chased by Hank Poteat #22 of the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 10, 2002 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The game ended in a 34-34 tie. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

This article is directed mainly for STEELER NATION.  Others may comment and express your opinion but the die hard STEELER FANS comments are the ones that I really care to hear and hopefully will agree with me, and this blog reaches the proper ears and influential minds of the Pittsburgh Steeler brain trust.

First a couple of months back I posted this article here on B/R.  It got many reads and a few comments (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/190661-4-realistic-homes-for-michael-vick).  I believe that the Champion Pittsburgh Steelers are THE team that Michael Vick can come to  restore his confidence, football career, renew his spirit and skills. 

Also it is business decision cause you are signing the BEST AVAILABLE player to play behind a soon to be HALL OF FAMER in Rothelisberger with a couple of more Super Bowls.  Steelers brass has to figure that Rothelisberger may run thru his 9 lives at some point and to have a viable back up where you change nothing on offense is so beneficial.

Steeler Nation is the FANATICAL world wide  phenomenom that can look past his dog fighting indiscretions and give him a second chance to succeed.

Michael Vick taking the veterans' minimum to play with the Steelers, and taking the year suspension that Roger Goodell is going to dish out on him, is a GOOD thing for Michael Vick and the Steelers. 

Michael Vick gets a TRUE FOUNDATION built into his persona via one on one contact with Mike Tomlin, and the support from coaches and players will be so benificial while he serves that suspension. 

Hopefully Michael Vick would be allowed to practice with the team so he could learn the playbook and get familiar again with the speed of play against a dominate Champion Steelers defense. 

Putting Michael Vick on the practice squad would still allow him to get the required reps in for throwing and accuracy, and working on pocket presence, since that is all that analysts seem to harp on over and over.

Working in the Steelers outreach programs, which are vast and nation wide, would also help to put Michael Vick into a different light, and would say something about the Steeler Brass having confidence to represent the orrganization in that fashion.

When 2010 comes and the suspension is over, the Steelers will unveil the NEW and IMPROVED Michael Vick.  Charlie Batch should be retired finally and Vick would battle for 2nd string back up behind Rothelisberger.  The offense should fit Vick like a glove, because like Rothelisberger, Michael Vick is an improvisor and the offensive line would not have to change a thing in pass protection.  Willie Parker and Mendenhaul will benefit to the stay at home approach DE, and LB's will take in defending a Michael Vick lead offense.

Michael Vick in 2010 would have a chance in the preseason to showcase his slash ability, as the offensive playbook of Kordell Stewart could be dusted off and reworked into the Steelers offense, giving Defensive Coordinators something else to overload their mentally and physically tired defensive units.

Michael Vick on Special Teams?  Yes if he wants to play for Tomlin and take up a roster spot Michael Vick will definetly be listed as a WR first / QB.  Kick and Punt returns would be exciting again for the Steelers.

This to me is the long list to a short revamping of a career of a controversial player.  If Michael Vick wants it and is willing to conform.  I think Steeler Nation will welcome him with open arms!!!