The Denver Nuggets are still on the Radar for a Championship

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IJune 30, 2009

Ever since Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers powered by the Denver Nuggets in the final two games (to advance to their record breaking 30th Finals' berth), and the Orlando Magic beat the Cleveland Cavaliers (for their second Finals appearance); the majority of people I have seen, choose the Cavs as favourites and the Lakers to repeat.

Some even have the Magic listed to take it all next year.

It's funny how quickly people overlook the Denver Nuggets.

It's funny how people overlook every team.

Many can't help themselves to think the Cavs are superior and can now take it all with the addition of Shaq.

Magic fans are jumping around that they got Vince Carter, but forget they are possibly losing a player that has been the heart of the franchise for a while, Hedo Turkoglu.

This past year, the Nuggets tied a franchise record with 54 wins (as an NBA franchise), which was set back in the 1987-88 season. They went on to break a lot of franchise records as well as league records. This included a 27-14 start going into the All-Star break, and was the first time they won consecutive 50 wins or more in a season, also tying the NBA record for the biggest blow-out in NBA history at 58.

Moving on to the WCF for the first time since 1987-88 the Nuggets lost the series to the Lakers 4-2.

Nobody has said a word about the Nuggets since then, and continuing into today and possibly tomorrow.

So, let's bring some spark into that!

The Nuggets sit atop as one of the teams that could win the championship next year along with the Lakers, Boston Celtics, Magic, and Cavs.

Sure they didn't pull any "Vinsanity" or "Big Cactus" type of trades, but maybe they don't need to.

The only thing the Nuggets need to do, is find a player to slow down Kobe, as he is nearly impossible to stop, and also find a way to slow down LeBron, while containaing Shaq or Dwight Howard.

It wasn't long ago people had the Nuggets winning the coveted Larry O'Brien trophy. They breezed by the first and second rounds before having some struggles with the Lakers. Four out of the five games played were close with an average margin of five points.

Let's also not forget the Nuggets achieved as much as they did without Billups participating in their training camps during the summer. He learned it all while the season was well underway.

Call Billups the NBA championship that should have never happened along with the Pistons, but lets not belittle the fact that hes a proven winner and leader.

If it wasn't for Billups trying to get Carmelo and company going, the Nuggets could have possibly won one more game against the Lakers, maybe even the series.

If Billups tried to find his own shot, and become that scoring machine he was in the Hornets' series, this series against the Lakers could have lasted longer, and once again I'll say it, Denver could have won.

Sure, adding Ty Lawson doesn't mean the Nuggets automatically are greater than before, they still do need to add more to their puzzle to win, but they are on the verge of it.

They are still a championship caliber team and with a couple of moves here and there, the Nuggets will once again be in the talks for NBA championship.