WWE Mini-Draft Announced

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 29, 2009

Vince McMahon announced on RAW that while Trump was owner of the company he made a 15 Superstar trade to shake things up. Vince let it stick and here are the pick and my thoughts on each:



Gail Kim-She was getting ignored/buried on Smackdown, so the move is good for her. The RAW Diva roster needed some help, and a veteran like her will definitely do that.

Alicia Fox-Not understanding this one since she JUST helped out McCool. I guess they are trying to fit her in the right place.

Jack Swagger-He's proven himself in being able to hang in the ring with the big boys. Hopefully he doesn't become what The Miz is right now.

Evan Bourne-I preferred him on ECW going up against Tyson Kidd. I guess he can battle Kofi and get into the US Title scene.

Mark Henry-Judging by tonight, they're trying to turn him face. Looks like he'll feud with The Big Show or something.



The Hart Dynasty-Happy with this move. SD is the best show of the three, and this group needed to be showcased. I'm excited to see the tag division heating up and Kidd and Smith are prime for that. I'll also be excited to see Natalya hopefully get more attention in the diva division. She was completely ignored when first on SD, and now she'll most likely be the #2 heel with extra momentum of the Dynasty with her.

Matt Hardy-Well, he won't be buried on RAW thankfully. I like the move as I've always been a fan of his, and he'll get some much needed attention.

Finlay-I'm a bit ambivalent about this pick. I like Finlay but I don't really care.



The Bella Twins-Three shows in one year says alot. They're being put on a show where they'll get the least amount of attention in terms of viewers. Like Finlay, I don't care about these two.

Shelton Benjamin-Ouch. I feel bad for him that the WWE hasn't capitalized on everything he's got. At least he'll get some attention and possibly a shot at the ECW title.

William Regal-The stiff striker is on the extreme show. Good call. He's pretty vicious so it's a good fit for him in terms of getting attention.

Goldust-They had to put him somewhere.


I really don't understand the point of this as Smackdown once again is the big winner. The problem for RAW is that the majority of their picks were on the least watched show, so the casual RAW fan are only RAW fans don't know them. I thought they'd take from Smackdown and not in the form of two Divas. The WWE has got to realize that if they'd push who they've already got on the show they wouldn't have to do this.