Where Are They Now?: Lawrence Phillips

Luis OrtizContributor IJune 29, 2009

27 Oct 1996:  Running back Lawrence Phillips of the St. Louis Rams during the Rams 37-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. Mandatory Credit: Otto Greule  /Allsport

Hello Readers,

Every week I told you that I will be writing about Superstars or Super-Busts, and this week I'll continue with another Super-Bust, Lawrence Phillips.

In 1993 in the state of Nebraska, the people of Lincoln, coaching staff, boosters, and teammates were so excited about the new young talent they got with his speed and power.

It was something to look forward to.

He was established as Nebraska's main running game against Florida State's high powered defense, where he ran 13 times for 64 yards and a touchdown. 

Sophomore year, Phillips tied a school record, running 11 games straight for over 100 yards per game.  People loved him even more when he played through a broken thumb, which pretty much left him one-handed.

Orange bowl 1994, with the likes of Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis in a tough-nose defense on the Miami Hurricanes, Phillips rushed for 19 carries for 96 yards.

It included a 25 yard run, which was the longest that stellar defense allowed all season as Phillips ended the season with 1,772 yards—a Cornhusker record.

Everyone thought that the Cornhuskers were well on their way to repeat their success, and Phillips was up for the Heisman award against Michigan. Phillips had  22 carries for 206 yards and four touchdowns.

Now, here comes trouble. 

Later that night, while in east Lansing, Phillips went looking for an ex-girlfriend, found her, then went on to assault the female by dragging her down the stairs by her hair and her shirt.

Phillips was suspended from the team.

Phillips would be reinstated shortly thereafter, but gained weight and physically was out of it. Even though he looked rusty, coach Tom Osborne still played Phillips.

While freshman Ah-man Green carried the loads, Phillips helped out and got his stride back.

Lawrence Phillips decided to enter the NFL draft a year early, and several teams passed on the running back out of Nebraska, stating that he had too many issues.

But the St.Louis Rams picked the young promising back, even trading away future hall-of-fame back Jerome Bettis to the Steelers.

Phillips went over to NFL Europe, setting a record with the Barcelona dragons before returning to the states with the San Francisco 49ers. Phillips, known for missing a very important assignment, injured Steve Young and caused him to retire due to the hit by cornerback Aeneas Williams.

Later in his career he would try to play with the arena football league and even the Canadian football league—in both situations he was released due to insubordination.

From 2001 to 2008, Phillips was dealing with the law quite frequently, from assault with a deadly weapon charge to domestic violence.

In March of 2006, Phillips would stand trial for assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a minor, and fleeing the scene.

On Aug. 21, 2005, Phillips ran his car into three teenagers' cars after a pick up game of football that ended with an argument. Phillips was found guilty on seven counts of assault

On Oct. 3, 2008, Phillips was sentenced to 10 years in a California state prison.