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NEW YORK - APRIL 30:  Wrestler Dave Batista attends a screening of 'Head Case' at the MoMA Sculpture Garden on April 30, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Mr. McMahon started things off on Raw tonight by giving the fans a recap of some of Trump's ideas including some roster changes that would remain. He also announced that he would be abiding by the guest GM every week policy that Trump mentioned.

The guest GM this week: Batista!

Batista announced that there would be a tournament to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions. In the first round, it would be John Cena vs. The Miz and Triple H vs. MVP.

Randy Orton then came out and threatened Batista, but then learned that as GM, Batista had unlimited power. Batista used that power to put Orton in a three-on-one Gauntlet match between Orton and three of the superstars drafted from SD!

Match One: Night Of Champions Tournament Match between Triple H and MVP.

Early into the match, Triple H made it obvious that his leg was hurting from last night. MVP used this as an advantage, targeting it several times and even locking the famous figure-four leg lock. Triple H attempted a Pedigree but MVP countered and then hit his Ballin' elbow.

MVP then hit a big boot and after a near fall, went for the Playmaker. Triple H countered this however, hit a Pedigree, and got the pin.

In my opinion, Triple H looked exactly like Cena in this match. MVP had everything going for him until Triple H hit one Pedigree. Triple H used that one move to get the win and continued into the finals, injured leg and all.

The good news for MVP, however, is that he showed some good athleticism in this match. The crowd didn't seem very into it, but if MVP gets a little more of a push, he could easily be more involved in the title hunt very soon.

Match Two: Tag-Team Championship Match between Chris Jericho and Edge (defending) and The Colons.

Before the match, Edge and Jericho cut a short promo, talking down to the fans, but were interrupted after a few minutes by their challengers, The Colons.

Jericho and Primo started things off and Primo got the advantage early. Primo then countered a cheap shot from Edge and threw Jericho out of the ring on top of Edge. Carlito then entered the ring and The Colons hit Edge and Jericho from inside the ring with baseball slides. The two stood triumphantly in the ring as Raw went to a commercial.

Raw came back to Jericho having the advantage over Primo. Edge and Jericho both did some damage to Primo, but Primo eventually got a tag to Carlito. Jericho went for a lionsault, but Carlito countered and got a near-fall out of it.

Jericho was able to tag Edge back in but as Edge went for a spear, Primo pulled Carlito out of the way. Edge then got distracted by Primo, allowing Carlito to hit a backbreaker. The ref however, did not start the count immediately due to the fact the he was dealing with Primo.

It looked as if The Colons were going to win as Carlito had Edge's shoulders to the mat, but Jericho broke up the pin just in time. Primo took Jericho out of the ring and the two started to fight outside of the ring.

Back in the ring, Carlito tried to hit a springboard move on Edge, but as he jumped on the rope, Jericho knocked Primo into it, causing Carlito to fall. Edge then capitalized on the moment by hitting a spear and getting the pin.

I think this match shows hopefully that the tag team division is on a rise again. Jericho and Edge can do wonders for it and put on a very good show with The Colons. I have no doubt that The Colons will stay in the title hunt however, since they are the most dominant face team currently and will cause Edge and Jericho to visit Raw, helping Raw out.

After another commercial break, Legacy is shown backstage discussing how unfair the Gauntlet match is. Batista shows up and mentions that if Priceless interferes they will be fired.

Match Three: Night Of Champions Tournament Match between John Cena and The Miz.

Miz started this match off with momentum but Cena soon countered and hit quite a few power moves. Miz then countered as he was sent to the corner however and once again got the advantage, delivering several fists to Cena.

Cena once again got the advantage, hitting a couple power moves and put Miz in a headlock. The two moved to the corner where the ref broke the two up. Miz used this opportunity to get a cheap shot in and once again gain the advantage.

This Miz advantage lasted a bit longer as the Miz was able to hit a few power moves and even get a near fall out of it. Cena tried to counter with a running bull dog but Miz was able to counter this and threw Cena to the mat.

As Cena got up, Miz pulled Cena's neck down onto the rope and began an assault on Cena, eventually leading Cena into the corner. The ref managed to pull Miz off Cena as Raw went to another commercial break.

Miz continued with the advantage as Raw returned. Miz got a near fall after a clothesline and delivered several more fists onto Cena. Cena tried to deliver an F-U from the second rope but Miz countered and delivered an electric chair drop to Cena.

Cena kicked out twice after this and Miz continued the assault. Cena tried another counter and tried to put Miz in the STF(U) but Miz countered into a sleeper. It looked like Cena was going to pass out but managed to back Miz into a corner, giving Cena the advantage.

Cena then hit two shoulder blocks, a five-knuckle shuffle, a leg drop, and then made Miz tap out to the STF(U).

Once again, this is why I hate Cena. I was writing this as the match was going on and as you can see, Miz dominated for six paragraphs. Cena then "overcomes the odds" and beats Miz with one sentence.

With Cena winning this round of the tournament, I can't say I am looking forward to the finals much. If Triple H wins, they continue a stale feud between him and Orton. But honestly, I think this is better than the alternative.

If Cena wins, Orton is doomed because even if he adds ten more members to Legacy and they all destroy Cena for a straight hour, Cena will muster up the strength to hit one move and pin Orton.

After another commercial, Legacy is shown in the locker room again. DiBiase informs Orton that his father will be guest GM next week. Orton doesn't care however since that doesn't help him tonight and storms off. Could Legacy be breaking up soon?

Match Four: No. 1 Contender's Match for Diva's Championship at NOC between Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Rosa, and The Glamazon.

This was one of the best Diva matches on Raw in a long time. It gave them plenty of time to show the wrestling world what they are capable. There were many good spots including an instance when all four had each other in headlocks. Beth powered out of it however, and ran the other three into the corner.

Kelly, Mickie, and Beth each had a number of near falls, usually broken up by another Diva. Mickie finally capitalized by pinning Rosa as Beth and Kelly were out of action.

I, personally, am looking foward to this match at NOC. In my opinion, Mickie is the best Diva in terms of wrestling skills and should be able to put on a good show. Unfortunately for her, she won't be able to become the first Diva to earn both the Women's and Diva's Championships but it should still be a good match.

Match Five: Standard Match between Big Show and Kofi Kingston.

Kingston started off by kicking Show a few times, however, Show quickly got the advantage and performed quite a few power moves. Eventually Kingston was able to counter however and hit a missile drop kick. After getting a near fall, Kofi jumped on Show in the corner, allowing Show to simply throw Kingston to the floor.

Show then followed Kingston outside the ring and was about to throw him into the ring post but Kingston managed to counter and send Show into the post. However, neither man was able to make it back into the ring, resulting in a double disqualification by count-out.

I'm not sure what to think of this match really. It seems to be pulled out of nowhere and Show didn't really seem that into it. I've heard rumors that Show may be getting released soon due to issues with the IRS and some boxing organization so I guess that may have had something to do with it.

Kingston couldn't really do much in this match since Show is so much bigger. That doesn't really allow Kingston to get much of a push since he was counted out as well. Seems like a worthless match if you ask me.

Main Event: Gauntlet Match between Randy Orton and Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry.

Match One: Evan Bourne. Bourne had the advantage early on, scoring some nice athletic moves as well as a near fall. Orton then gained the advantage and began to attack Bourne's legs. Bourne countered again though and hit a standing moonsault.

Bourne continued to show great athleticism, hitting Orton with more high-flying moves. When Bourne went for a Shooting Star Press however, Orton hit the ropes, causing Bourne to fall and allowing Orton to hit an RKO and get the pin.

This was a great match in my opinion. Bourne made a great impression on the Raw crowd and can easily go after a title soon. Most likely the U.S. title, but hey, any title is good.

Match Two: Jack Swagger. Swagger came out strong and hit the already damaged Orton with a power move. Swagger then stood outside the ring smiling at the ref and got counted out? Swagger then told Orton that he always respected him and wanted to leave a lasting impression.

The only thing I can see coming out of this is that Swagger wants in on Legacy and is trying to get on Orton's good side. Either way, he did Orton a favor.

Match Three: Mark Henry. Orton's eyes went wide when Henry's music went off. Henry came in with a mic and said he too respected Orton and wanted to make an impression. Henry hit one move and then stood outside the ring just like Swagger.

At five, however, Henry grabbed the refs hand and re-entered the ring. Orton got on his knees and pleaded with Henry not to do anything. Henry didn't care however and began the onslaught on Orton. After a few minutes of a beatdown, Orton suffered the World's Strongest Slam and got pinned by Henry.

Good ole' Mark Henry. I figured he wouldn't actually do the same thing Swagger did and I have to say I would have been pissed if he had. Henry showed absolute domination and will probably be in the title hunt soon. And could he possibly be turning face?

Thanks for reading and as always, feedback is appreciated.


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