Come Back Kurt: My Personal Opinion on an Angle Comeback

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IJune 30, 2009

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 07:  Pro wrestler Kurt Angle (R) and wife Karen Angle speak at Spike TV's 2007 'Video Game Awards' at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on December 7, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

I was never a Kurt Angle fan.

I thought he was a crybaby, and his wig was just plain horrible. But, watching more and more of Kurt's stuff from the vault, I realized something.

If the WWE lets Angle be Angle, they might be able to save themselves from complete destruction.

During the summer of '05, my mother and I moved to Marietta, GA. I was reluctant, but I knew this move meant the world to my mom. I went along, thinking that I could manage. But, I lied to myself.

A bunch of things changed.

These changes included sleeping habits, eating habits, I was no longer the popular guy in school, but most importantly, my grandfather, whom I was living with, did not let me watch wrestling.

Moving in with him, his wife who had a stroke in '04, my aunt who was only a year older than me, and her younger brother who was five years younger than me, made it hard for me to adjust.

Back home, I was the only child. Me and my mom were so used to doing our own thing whenever we wanted to do it.

So, during my five month span of living there, wrestling just sort of faded away.

He did not support the violence of the WWE, even though it was fake.

He did not think his 10-year-old son and 15-year-old grandson should watch that kind of stuff.

Instead, we were forced to watch Monday Night Football. Don't get me wrong, I love football. But, I would much rather watch HBK than Peyton Manning.

So, when me and my mom moved back, the bad habit of no wrestling stuck. So, I missed a lot of great things.

I missed the debut of MITB, John Cena turning into the most "controversial" champion, but, more importantly, Kurt Angle turning into the "Wrestling Machine."

In recent months, I have bought a lot of dvds. I just got done watching Royal Rumble 2006, and I was excited to watch Kurt wrestle. So, I thought, man, the WWE would be so much better if Kurt Angle came back.

Simply put, the WWE needs a guy like Kurt Angle.



The lack of main eventers who can actually "wrestle"

John Cena-Garbage


Jeff Hardy-High risking daredevil with no mat skills.

CM Punk-Boring

Triple H-Selfish

I hate the product which is the WWE now. I keep watching, hoping that something BIG will happen. But, the more and more I think about it, the more and more Kurt Angle is the key.

Throw him in the ring with guys like Edge, Orton, Jericho, guys that can actually wrestle, and you are bound to be WOWed all over again.

Yes, yes, I know Kurt has been in feuds with these guys already, but the man can put on a show whether you love him or hate him.

He is intense, and that is exactly what the WWE isn't.


Re-create some of the best feuds and matches that we need to see again!

Kurt Angle has had some of the best matches while in the ring with big time players, and the same goes for the rivalries.

All the way back to the Angle/Helmsley/McMahon love triangle in 2000-01, where Stephanie and Kurt were business partners and it turned into a little bit more than business, at least in Kurt's eyes.

Triple H didn't like it and they feuded. It also led to my favorite match of all time, The Rock vs HHH vs Kurt Angle for the WWE title.

Or, how about Edge and Kurt Angle's rivalry back in 2002?

We saw some good matches come out of that feud, including the hair vs hair match and the steel cage match.

And, who can forget the big matches between Angle and HBK?

Kurt has always had some classics with Chris Jericho, Big Show and Randy Orton, as well as past stars like Benoit, Guerrero, The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar.

He has also made some crappy wrestlers look good, like John Cena and Mark Henry.

My point is that Kurt Angle can create some excitement with any superstar, face or heel, Raw, Smackdown or ECW, trust in Angle, and he will come through.


Why Kurt Should Leave TNA

So, why should Kurt Angle leave TNA?

Because TNA has so much young talent to push and focus on. Has beens like Jarrett, Foley, Steiner, and Booker T have been around for so long, but guys like MCMG, Jay Lethal, Chris Daniels, Robert Roode, Kaz, and, my personal favorite, AJ Styles can carry that business even farther than the old guys can.

Kurt Angle is not in his prime, but he is definitely not done yet. He is the greatest wrestler today and deserves to go out on the biggest stage, the WWE.

We all know Sting is retiring soon, and Nash will too. But Kurt doesn't need to. He just needs to come back to bring back some great memories and give us more to remember.



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