Bleacher Report: My Online NASCAR Family

Amanda BradeenCorrespondent IJune 29, 2009

NASCAR is my life. I look forward to every weekend when the 43 cars line up. My family loves NASCAR as well, but I've never had any friends who like NASCAR as much as I do. They never understood my passion for the sport.

Then came Bleacher Report. The website where fans could write articles and express their love for the sport of their choice. When I saw that they had a NASCAR section, I didn't hesitate to become a member.

I was instantly greeted on my page by Mary Jo Buchanan. With open arms, she invited to the NASCAR community page. As I have gotten to know Mary Jo, not only through B/R but also on Facebook. Never once has Mary Jo ever said anything negative on a single article I've written.

She is the sweetest woman I've ever had the chance to chat with, and am so pleased to be able to have her as an online friend.

Next was Kelly Crandall. She is also a community leader along with Mary Jo. I could relate to her as she was also a Dale Earnhardt Jr fan but we were close in age.

Kelly always had advice and comments to also help and make me feel welcome. I have also gotten to know her through Facebook. Kelly is passionate about NASCAR and what she wants to do and it shows immensley. She is a great person to be able to know online.

Then I came upon M Brian Ladner. Brian never had a comment that was shorter than three paragraphs which was great because the guy always backs up what he has to say.

Good or bad, he always had something to say, and I always appreciated it. Though I didn't always agree, I always respected his well backed up opinions.

A Kyle Busch fan he is and I like that because Brian never fell into the category of, "well no one else likes him so I can't either."

I respect M Brian Ladner always and enjoy reading his hilarious links on Facebook.

I first got introduced to Ben Bomberger online when he edited my articles. He never once had negative feedback and always tried to help me.

It was great to have someone who not only left great comments, and wrote great articles, but also helped my articles be the best they could be. I also got to know Ben on Facebook and can see he also has a great family.

I also came across Carol Messinger and got to know her more on Facebook and is a great person filled with positive insight and is also a hug Dale Earnhardt Jr fan as well.

I would also love to give, "shout outs," to Kara Martin, S.M Napier, Jen Preston, David Yeazell and al asifyouknow.

These bleacher creatures are a whole new family for me. I enjoy feeling at home and this wonderful group of people make it worthwhile to write on this website and talk to many of them on Facebook.

Thank you guys for being their for me and whether you all know it or not, you are all my inspiration.

* A few memorable quotes

Kelly Crandall-

"Take my advice, don't think, just write. Works every time =)"
Mary Jo Buchanan-
"I did - but worked my you know what off! I think you had way more fun as a great race fan!"
M Brian Ladner-
"yeah, that impatient, impertinent little snot!!! he had the temerity to even go out and try to apologize for once and what did he get for his troubles--even more grief..."
Ben Bomberger-
"I know what you mean about the people on B/R — it is like family!"
Carol Messinger-
"Someday we will plane a huge bleacherreport party somewhere !!! then we can all meet and talk about our passion !!!"
**courtesy of Facebook