20 Weird Things Twitter Taught Us About Athletes

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20 Weird Things Twitter Taught Us About Athletes

Before Twitter turned "verbal diarrhea" from a controllable threat into a full-blown pandemic, social media apps had the well-known capability to turn a perfectly lovely human being into something else entirely.

Whether giving into the impulse to over-share or using social media networks to gain an unnerving amount of knowledge about a love-interest, our computers—and now smartphones—gained a formidable ally in their campaign of regret.

With Twitter's surge in popularity, foot-in-mouth (or would it be phone-in-finger?) disease became more infectious and can now be spread at the speed of broadband.

What truly separates the app from others is the incredibly awesome presence of celebrities, including star athletes.

And while their ability to interact so directly with fans, media and each other is very cool, it's obvious athletes aren't immune from the same Twitter-borne diseases we are.

Not only is this fact entertaining to gawkers like me, but it means fans and reporters sometimes see the person behind the media facade―and it ain't always pretty.

Here are 20 of the weirder things Twitter has recently told us about athletes. 

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