The Day After "The Bash"

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IJune 30, 2009

The WWE Creative Team dropped the ball with "The Bash." Okay, I know everybody is feeling the same way I do about last night's pay-per-view event. The WWE has been lacking for a while, but this was horrible point blank.

I’m watching this and I'm thinking, I’ll give it a 'C', but I give it a 'D' because one match carried the whole event. I felt like the other matches lacked potential.

Here's a breakdown of each match along with my thoughts and honest opinions.

Let's start with the ECW Championship Scramble Match.

ECW Championship Scramble MatchTommy Dreamer defeats Christian, Finlay, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry to keep his ECW Championship

I don't know why the scramble match came into play. I tried to give it a chance, but it’s really confusing. You pin your opponent, get one-two-three, and you're champion.

However, the clock is running and you still have to fight when the time expires, then you're champion if you avoid the three-count. First winner, Mark Henry scooped up Tommy Dreamer slammed him hard on the canvas to become champion but still had to fight.

Then Jack Swagger and his lame pinning of Henry to become ECW Champion. He did it by taking Henry down by the knee then hits a splash on the "World's Strongest Man" to get the pin. Lame, right?

As two minutes went by, it looked like Christian was gonna win by hitting the Killswitch on “The All-American American" who was still ECW Champion.

However, to the chagrin of Tommy Dreamer he stopped Christian. Then the extreme veteran hit the DDT on Captain Charisma and pinned him to become ECW champion. However, the match was still going on with the time running.

They go all out in this match, Finlay goes for the pin but didn't get it. Swagger pins Finlay but didn't get it. Finlay nails Dreamer for the pin, but only a two count. Forty-five seconds left and Dreamer still champion, everybody was going for pins. Finlay DDT's Swagger but only gets a count of two.

Henry tries to pin Swagger but was stopped by Dreamer. Dreamer gets a two count on Henry. Ten seconds and everybody was going for the win but the clock expires and Tommy Dreamer is still the ECW Champion.

STAR RATING THREE: It was okay. The effort was there but it wasn't the best match. Why did I pick Finaly to win this match? I guess sometimes you wanna see someone new to the threshold of being champion. Then again, with the Irishman it wouldn't have been a big push.

NEXT OPPONENT: Tommy Dreamer survived but come Night of Champions, we will not keep the title. I think it will be a one-on-one against Christian, Jack Swagger or Mark Henry. Also it could be a fatal four way if they don't make up their minds on a No. 1 contender.


WWE Intercontinental Championship vs Mask MatchRey Mysterio defeats Chris Jericho to become new Intercontinental Champion and keep the mask on his face.

This was the match of the night but it was the match that owned the whole PPV. My question before I give props on this match and to both competitors. Why the hell was this match second instead of being the fifth or even sixth? This match lived up to this billing. It was back and forth between these two.  

These two gave it their all in this match. Mysterio was going for a moonsault until Jericho blocks the move and put him in the Walls of Jericho. Mysterio is thriving in pain, but he wasn't gonna give up, the hold was broken. Soon as Mysterio was going for the attack, Jericho rips the mask off of WWE's littlest big man.

However, different from the last PPV at Extreme Rules. Rey had another mask and Jericho was shocked by the trickery of 619. Then he hits Jericho with a 619 and goes in for the pin. Bell rings, Rey Mysterio is the new Intercontinental Champion.

STAR RATING: Five stars. This match carried the PPV and was worth it. The storyline was there, the intensity, the action also good gameplanning. What’s interesting Mysterio is from California but most of the fans wanted Y2J to win.

That crowd was as confusing like the Canadian fans. Big kudos to these two who put on magnificent performance in the ring.

NEXT OPPONENT: Rey Mysterio's possible opponent could be the Shaman of Sexy John Morrison. Another superstar would be the Gold Standard himself, Shelton Benjamin. Last the possible opponent that could be in line would be former Spirit Squad member Nicky who now goes by Dolph Ziggler.


No Count-Out, No Disqualification MatchDolph Ziggler defeats The Great Khali

This was a piss poor match from beginning to end. Whoever came up with the idea of adding this to The Bash might as well serve coffee & donuts. Another thing that got under my skin was why was there a video package and there was no storyline to the feud.

Just the fact Ziggler was the up and coming superstar who owned the Punjabi Playboy with using Ranjin Singh as bait to get the win via count-out. Then next match, used the steel chair as a ploy to made it seem like Khali had the chair and Ziggler was out cold .

The match sucked but it had some moments...sort of. Ziggler would kick Khali numerous times and played chicken. He would get some licks in until Khali tosses him like a ragdoll in the corner. Then Khali hits Ziggler with a huge chop. Khali dumps Ziggler to the floor and goes outside the ring to get him.

Dolph’s back was near the ringpost and Khali hits a chop to Ziggler. Then he goes for another chop but hits the ringpost, as Ziggler hits Khali with the dropkick. As soon as Ziggler was going for another one, Khali chops Ziggler back into the ring.

As the match went on, the fire explodes and it's Kane. Both Ziggler and Khali are in shock when Kane shows up. It was the first time Kane appeared, who's hasn't been on TV since Backlash when he defeated CM Punk in a singles match.

The Big Red Machine comes down to the ring and Ziggler leaps out of the ring. Then Kane takes the steel chair and goes in on a vulnerable giant known as Khali. Khali gives shot after shot to Khali as he goes down.

Soon as Kane left, Ziggler slides back in the ring to get the one-two-three for the win. The question was why did Kane go after The Great Khali?

STAR RATING: 1. I was going to give it a 0.5 but Kane's return was the highlight of the match. This match was a waste of time to beginning with. The feud had no depth, storyline or anything in that magnitude.

WWE get better with setting feuds that do matter. I would rather see Edge and Morrison or the dark match between R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin then to see this travesty.

NEXT OPPONENT: The Great Khali goes into a feud with Kane which will lead to SummerSlam because the next PPV will be about championships. As for Ziggler, he could get a push for the Intercontinental Championship if Shelton or Morrison don't get the match first.


Triple Threat Tag Match for the Unified Tag Team ChampionshipEdge and Chris Jericho def The Colons and Legacy to become Unified Tag Team Champions.

For those of you who missed th PPV, I know what you're gonna ask. How did Edge and Chris Jericho get in the mix for Unified Tag Team Championship. Okay this all started with Edge ranting to Smackdown GM Theodore Long about not getting on the card but it got worse.

Also Chris Jericho was upset about losing the Intercontinental Championship to Rey Mysterio because of the mask situation. This is where things about to come into play.

Vince McMahon has been on a warpath since buying back RAW from billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Bad enough for Long, he was the next victim. McMahon in his own opinion thought Long didn't do a good job and wants Long to shake things up. He puts Long on probation which was jacked up because Long is a fair GM.

Anyway, we were about to anticipate the possible revival of the Tag Team division in the WWE between the Colons and Legacy, music hits. Long tweaks the match by making it a triple threat tag team match for the Unified Tag Team Championship.

Now, you’re asking why is Long adding a third team and three RAW superstars?  The reason why is the second half of unified titles are part of SmackDown. So no matter if it's RAW or SmackDown, even ECW, there has to be a title defense for the unified titles.

Music hits it was the Rated-R Superstar Edge coming out but who was his partner? Former Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho comes out and both tag teams were upset. This match was all about Legacy and The Colons duking it out. 

The only time Edge and Jericho got involved was if one of the wrestlers from the other team were near for them to make the tag. Yes, these two are one of the top three heels in the WWE but it was a waste. Why put these guys in if they’re gonna be in the match like that. 

When Carlito was about pin Ted DiBiase, the ref said the Legacy member wasn't legal for the pin. See Edge tagged DiBiase without knowing before Carlito hit the Backstabber. After Carlito argued with the ref, Edge hits the spear and one-two-three new Unified Tag Team Champions Edge and Chris Jericho.

STAR RATING: 2. I felt like the creative team tried too hard to add suspense to the match. Adding Edge and Y2J didn't do anything to save the match. I think these guys will work well as a team until it implodes.

However, this a letdown because Legacy should be have been the Unified Tag Team Champions. They deserved it and they’re a real tag team like The Colons.

NEXT OPPONENT: Edge and Chris Jericho will face The Colons at the Night of Champions who look to get their titles back. As for Legacy's Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. *Sigh*, they will continue to be pimped as Randy Orton's cronies to do his evil work.


WWE Women’s ChampionshipMichelle McCool defeats Melina to become new WWE Women’s Champion.

Well, there was effort but it wasn’t good enough to make the match interesting. The match starts with both divas going at it for the title. McCool tries to capitalize on a move but Melina catches her with a DDT. Melina was in control by getting some shots on McCool. However the tide was turning.

It went McCool’s way, her associate Alicia Fox placed her mentor’s foot on the rope and the ref broke the count. Melina looks at Fox and gives a boot to her but McCool takes advantage and hits the champion with the Faith Breaker. One-two-three, new Women’s Champion Michelle McCool.

I called this match from the begin and history was made. Michelle McCool becomes the first woman to win the Divas and Women’s Championship in WWE history.

STAR RATING: 2. The match didn’t last long and I don’t know what to say. It’s nothing really to say about the match.


World Heavyweight ChampionshipJeff Hardy defeats CM Punk via disqualification with Punk still the champion

Okay what do I say about this? Well it was a hard fought match but it wasn’t what I expected. CM Punk was getting major heat while Jeff Hardy received more love than the Sacramento Kings. There was some action and both guys took the punishment of each other’s attacks.

There was a time where Punk was about to hit the GTS but Hardy held onto the ropes. Hardy got in control with leaping off the apron to hit Punk with a clothesline. Punk went in on Hardy with some devastating kicks but Jeff comes out of nowhere with the Twist of Fate.

Jeff was gonna hit the Swanton until Punk rolls out the way. Punk was going for the GTS but Hardy rolls him up for a two count.

With Punk’s chances of retaining the title in jeopardy, he nails Hardy with a roundhouse kick. Punk goes for another GTS but Hardy again hits him with another Twist of Fate. Hardy goes to the top rope and this time he connects with the Swanton. Hardy goes for the cover and he wins, right? Wrong.

Punk’s leg was under the ropes when he was pinned. Hardy is in disbelief and the fans were upset. Jeff gets his head back in the match and goes for his third Twist of Fate but Punk counters and goes the GTS. As Hardy slides out of Punk’s finishing move, Punk gets poked in the eye. Punk is in the corner reeling holding his eye.

Soon he kicks the referee by mistake or was it a mistake? Jeff and the referee, even the WWE Universe, were in total shock with what took place. The ref ask the timekeeper to call the match and Hardy wins by disqualification. The Sacramento faithful were livid with what took place.  

After the match, Jeff Hardy was irate and went to confront Punk before Straightedge goes to the back. CM Punk keeps talking about his eye but the Charismatic Enigma disagreed. Hardy said that he kicked the referee on purpose.

Hardy attacks Punk and brings him back to the ring. All hell broke lose when Hardy went in on Punk. The referee couldn’t stop the attack, so he called the other referees to break the melee.

One of the referees takes him to the back because he talks about his eye. I could be wrong but did Punk smirk when he supposedly kicked the ref by mistake to keep the title? The heel turn is official, Punk took the easy way out of the match. There will be a rematch at Night of Champions but it’s now face vs heel.

STAR RATING: 3. The match I would say was probably the longest on the card. Both of these guys were clever in their own ways with their finishing moves. Punk kicked the referee and that took a lot away from the match. I don’t believe that eye injury was serious due to Punk’s actions as of late.

NEXT OPPONENT: Part two will take place at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. Hopefully the next match won’t have a sour ending when Night of Champions come.


John Cena defeats The Miz.

Before I get to the match, I was laughing but I’m like it’s a disgrace. To hype The Miz as this guy claiming that will take the brass ring by beating John Cena was ridiculous. My concern about this match was for him to be hyped for a big fall.

Yes it all came to light. Cena dominated The Miz and throughout the match, it wasn’t even a fight. This match didn’t last for about eight or nine minutes. Miz had his chances but in old fashion John Cena came back with a vengeance. Cena hits Miz with the backdrop then he looks at the crowd.

Then he takes his hand and waves with the fans chanting “You Can’t See Me.” As Cena finished his taunt, he hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on the brash loudmouth. Then goes for the Attitude Adjuster. After Cena, his the adjuster he goes in on Miz with the STF and makes him tap.

STAR RATING: 1.5. This match was horrible. To make a mid-carder get in a match with a guy who’s been the WWE and World Heavyweight Champion is a joke. Yes the “Chick Magnet” has mic skills but he’s not ready to mix it up with the guys who are proven. This feud was boring.

NEXT OPPONENT: John Cena moves on to contention for the WWE Championship. The Miz falls back to reality as a mid-carder.


MAIN EVENT: Three Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton defeats Triple H (2 to 1) to retain the WWE Championship

Stage One: Singles Match. Orton gives the first blow and all hell breaks loose with these two rivals going at it. Triple H beats down Orton in the corner. As soon as The Game was in control, the leader of Legacy gives a thunderous boot to Triple H.

Then he focus on the leg that HHH sustained in the Last Standing Match by the venomous viper. Triple H got back on his offense til again Orton nails him in the leg. He stomps away on the injured leg and his weight on it.

The Game is thriving in pain. Orton was going for the RKO but HHH blocks it and counters with a big spinebuster to Orton. Orton hits Triple H with his infamous backbreaker. The Game is laid out outside of the ring and the ref starts counting.

Triple H gets back on his feet and onto the apron but Orton sends him back to the floor with a brutal kick. Orton tries to get Triple H back in the ring until The Game blast the WWE Champ is with a steel chair.

The ref gives the first fall to Orton 1-0 via disqualification. Triple H paid it no mind and went in on Orton with the chair. Orton is screaming in agony as The Game hits him with chair shots to his whole anatomy.

Stage Two: Fall Counts Anywhere. This stage didn’t last for long as Orton is still healing his wounds from the chair shots. The Game takes advantage and hits a pedigree on the fallen champion outside the ring and covers Orton for the one-two-three.

The match is even at one. The referee calls for the stretcher and here it comes. WWE officials bring the stretcher down the ring and now for the final stage of hell.

Stage Three: Stretcher Match. Orton is still laid out as The Game looks to put the champion on the stretcher. As he puts Orton on the stretcher, Triple H is sending his opponent up the ramp to get to the yellow line until Orton gets up and kicks the stretcher to The Game’s body.

They go back down the ramp and Orton once again focuses on the bandaged leg of The Game. Both men are exhausting, battered and beaten but both are not giving up. Orton delivers a kick to Triple H, which sends his body towards the fan barrier.

They take the fight through the crowd. Both wrestlers trade punches until Triple H clotheslined Orton over the fan barrier and back outside of the ring. Orton lands hard on the floor and take Triple H to the floor as well.

They fight near where the stretcher is waiting for battle-prone body to carried up the ramp. Orton sends his adversary to the steel steps and ringpost. Triple H goes back in the ring but is still reeling from the steel steps.

Orton grabs the steel steps and takes in the ring. As soon as Orton tries to take The Game out with the hellacious steel steps, The Game counters it by clipping Orton’s legs and his face land on the back of the steel steps. Triple H gets the steps and goes hard on Orton’s head.

Triple H brings the unconscious champion with him and lays him on the stretcher. He starts rolling the stretcher and almost to tasting the WWE Championship by almost crossing the finish line until. Orton kicks HHH in the head and both are down on the ramp.

As Orton gets himself back up, he puts The Game on the stretcher and DDT’s him off the ramp. Both men are laid out, physically beaten, but mentally craving the gold. Orton gets up and see The Game getting back up and he zeroes on his target.

He goes for the punt but his foot hits the stretcher as The Game moved out of the way. Triple H goes for the pedigree but Orton backdrops him onto the stretcher. Orton’s in control starts pushing The Game up the ramp but luckily he slides off and Orton attacks The Game even more.

Orton is staring at his opponent up close. Pounding his fists on the ramp as he awaits for The Game to gain conscious. Orton seething like a snake, goes for the RKO but HHH pushes him face first into the stage set.

Triple H hits the Pedigree on the top of the stage, standing on the finish, HHH puts Orton on the stretcher and he’s close to the line. The Game is three feet away from wheeling his opponent past the line and becoming the new WWE Champion.

It came to a halt when Cody Rhodes comes in hot pursuit to prevent The Game from passing the line by holding onto the stretcher real tight.

The Game throws Orton’s henchman to the stage set. Triple H once again looks to bring his opponent past the finish line when all of a sudden. When Ted DiBiase who had an falling out with Orton, runs out and beats The Game down and Cody is not too far to join in on the attack.

Orton is still laying on stretcher, trying to revive himself, while Legacy is still beating down Triple H. The third generation tag team put Triple H on the stretcher and went to Randy to check on him.

Little did they know that, Triple H opens a piece of the steel and grabs his signature sledgehammer and takes out both members of Legacy. As Triple H looks down at the two henchmen, the crowd is in awe when Orton sneaks towards Triple H. When Triple H turns around with hammer in hand to go after the Viper but is met Orton kicking him.

Then he gets the exposed steel from the stage and takes out The Game. Without hesitation, Orton puts HHH on the stretcher and wheels him past the finish line. Randy Orton wins 2-1 over Triple H to keep his WWE Championship.

After the match, Randy Orton clutches his title while catching his breath from the physical onslaught. As he poses, Triple H gets up slowly with the sledgehammer and stands behind Orton. The crowd is cheering and Orton turns around. He meets the sledgehammer to the mouth by The Game and is out cold.

Triple H poses for the crowd as Randy is still knocked out from the sledgehammer and he limps to the back in pain. After Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler take a look at the replay, the WWE Champion is helped off the ground by the zebras and that’s it for The Bash.

STAR RATING: 3: Only match that was good was the Stretcher Match. It was physical struggle but both men fought it out. Of course, Legacy cronies get involved and help Randy Orton to remain as WWE Champion.

NEXT OPPONENT: This rivalry between the two is not other with but an element will be added to the championship. That element is Mr HLR (Hustle, Loyalty & Respect) John cena.

Like what I said before, this PPV didn’t live up to the anticipation except for Mysterio/Jericho. Hopefully, when we head to Brotherly Love for Night of Champions which will be live in Philadelphia, PA, the matches will be better.  

The only way to watch is on pay per view Sunday, July 26 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

I give "The Bash" a 'D'.



WWE Divas Championship

Maryse © vs Mickie James

WWE United States Championship

Kofi Kingston © vs Matt Hardy

ECW Championship

Tommy Dreamer © vs Christian, Jack Swagger or Mark Henry or fatal four way

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Rey Mysterio © vs John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler

WWE Women’s Championship

Michelle McCool © vs Melina

Unified Tag Team Championship

Edge & Chris Jericho © vs The Colons

World Heavyweight Championship

CM Punk © vs Jeff Hardy

WWE Championship – Triple Threat Match

Randy Orton © vs Triple H vs John Cena

Thanks for reading The Day After The Bash and look forward to another preview/review of next Pay-Per-View "Night of Champions." See you next time.


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