NFL's Top 5 Questions Going Into Training Camp

Jack MCorrespondent IJune 30, 2009

Mini-camps have closed in the NFL and now we head into the worst four weeks in the NFL all year. These next four weeks are full of anticipation as the players take their break before the start of the grueling five-to-six months of NFL Football.

As it is every year, there are many questions for all franchises heading into this part of the year. It is very hard to single out just a few, but in this article, I will take a look at, what in my view, are the biggest problems teams will be facing.

Before we start, here are some questions that didin't make the list.

  • How will Jay Cutler fair in Chicago?
  • How will the three first round picks at quarterbacks do in their first year?
  • How will Josh McDaniels do after the controversial off season? 

That's enough with the questions that didn't make the cut. So without further adieu, here are the Top Five questions going into training camp.

5. Will Julius Peppers be able to work out a long term deal with Carolina?

The Panthers were finally able to get Julius Peppers to sign his franchise tag contract, and he now says he is happy in Carolina and is looking forward to a long term deal with the franchise. This could be extremely important because it would be very costly to have to franchise tag him again next year. For Carolina it is the sooner the better.

 4.  How will Brett Favre's re-unretirement unfold with the Vikings?

This year's sequel to the Brett Favre saga has been less interesting than the box-office sensation that kept us hanging on the edge of our seats last year. With a predictable ending, many fans and viewers will be disappointed with this failed attempt at remaking what was once an amazing thing.

I project this to be rated 2 out of 5 stars by most critics.

 3. What will happen with Brandon Marshall and the Broncos?

"You're not getting traded! Get your [butt] in training camp and we'll give you the big money next year!" -Josh McDaniels (Late July, 2009)

This conversation needs to happen in order for Josh McDaniels to gain control of his team. I'm interested in seeing this one play out.

 2. Will Plaxico Burress be suspended? If not, who will he play for?

At this point in time, I feel that Plaxico Burress will not be suspended.

Comissioner Roger Goodell would have done it by now if he was going to do that. That being said, I think that as soon as Goodell says he will not be suspended, teams will forget that they ever said they weren't interested. I think he will most likely end up in Chicago, Tampa Bay, or Baltimore.

1. Will Michael Vick be reinstated? If so, who will want him?

Michael Vick did a bad thing, and did his time for it. He deserves a second chance and I believe he will be given one. The problem is, who is interested?

With such a troubled past, teams may be afraid to sign the once star quarterback. If he can't make it into the NFL, he will have to try to make it in the UFL, which is begining its inaugueral season in October.

There it is. Not much surprising but that's my take. If you disagree, comment or write a whole other article on your opinion. Looking forward to you opinion.

Note to the Editor: I made my article this way because that's how I wanted it. Please do not edit format.


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