Gear Up for Fantasy Football

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IJune 29, 2009

Okay, boys and girls.

Hopefully we all got our little bit of soccer out of our systems and we can move on to the important stuff. I'm talking about the NFL, and of course NFL football means fantasy football.

Just like last year Walker-Sports is the spot to get all your fantasy football advice. We have some of the top fantasy football experts in the country writing here, and you can believe they will increase your fantasy football bragging rights and winnings.

Don't believe me? Last year I never finished worse than third in any of my leagues, and this is from a guy who has been in the basement for years.

However, this year we are taking fantasy football to the next level. I'm talking Vegas, baby—fun in the desert. What better place to have your fantasy football draft day party then on the Vegas strip—the ultimate guys weekend? Thanks to our friends over at, me and my boys are heading west in August and you should join us.

Think about it, you know you want to. Plus, meet us out in Vegas and myself and the rest of the experts may have a few fantasy tips for you.

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