The Top Five Worst Pro Wrestling Fans in the World

adam smereckiCorrespondent IJune 29, 2009

After 25 plus years of watching wrestling on television and attending live events I have come to the conclusion that wrestling fans are annoying!

It's with a heavy heart I have to admit this. I myself am a wrestling fanatic and sometimes I am just disappointed in my wrestling brethren.

I am not ashamed of my wrestling fandom but I couldn't resist compiling a list of the "Worst Wrestling Fans in the World."


5) The Attention Getter

The Attention Getter is the guy in the crowd that is there just to be on TV. He will stop at nothing to get his face on camera even if he has to wear a clown costume.

You all have seen this guy on TV (most likely on WWE programming). This guy is up there with the couple that sits in the front row wearing their hot pink "surf style" wind breakers from the early 1990's.

I know you all have seen that couple on TV, especially at a pay per view.


4) The Random Storyline Guy

The Random Storyline Guy is the guy who sits behind you at a live show and spits out idiotic ideas during the whole show.

Most of the time the storylines he would like to see consists of wrestlers that work for other companies or are retired.

No, sir, Hulk Hogan will not be taking on Samoa Joe at the next Raw taping in Toledo, Ohio!


3) The Wrong Show Guy

The Wrong Show Guy is the guy who shows up to a WWE show with a TNA shirt on and bitches about how bad the show is.

This of course can go both ways. It just so happens I have only seen TNA fans do this.

This guy needs to stop. He will not put the WWE out of business on his own. Besides, you bought the ticket, you idiot!


2) The Railing Crasher

The Railing Crasher is the fan that runs to the front row just to block the view of everyone else. Most of the time this is guy is sitting close enough that he doesn't have to do this.

This guy will stop at nothing to slam into the front row railing just stick his sweaty hand out in hopes of getting a high five from a Diva or Knockout. Have a seat, sir!


1) The Tapper:

The Tapper is the most annoying fan of all. This guy feels the need to repeatedly "tap" a wrestler the second they are in arm's length.

He continually taps any given wrestler as if they are on fire! Believe me sir Kane is not on fire!

One fan that did not make the list is the E-C-W chanter guy. This guy annoys me to no end. ECW is over. Stop chanting it as if every table break or chair shot is a "Holy S@#T" moment.