The Atlanta Hawks: The Team That Keeps Talking

Greg HoweCorrespondent IMay 1, 2008

The NBA playoffs are well under way, and the eighth-seeded Atlanta Hawks are in a battle with the top seeded Boston Celtics. Currently, the Celtics are up three games to two in the series, and they have a chance of closing out the series Friday in Atlanta.

It seems as though this series has been filled with numerous on and off the court incidents. There have been technical fouls, flagrant fouls, confrontations, trash talk, and bulletin-board material. It sounds like a great, intense series, but it’s getting a little bit out of hand.

Mike Bibby started things by coming out and saying that most of the Celtics' fans at the games were bandwagon fans. Now, can someone explain to me how this makes sense? Yes, the Celtics have their fair share of bandwagon fans, but most of them are diehard fans that bleed Celtic green and white.


Last year, in one of the worst years in franchise history, the Celtics still drew sell-out crowds. Now, maybe since Bibby was in Sacramento he didn’t notice, but it happened. To make things worse, Bibby plays for the Hawks, the team that might have the most bandwagon fans in the entire league.


They very rarely sold out  games during the regular season, and they were a playoff team! The Celtics sold out last season as an awful team. I’m surprised the Hawks sold out for the playoffs, but it obviously has helped them. Just imagine how many games they might have won had they gotten more fans during the regular season.

On top of the Mike Bibby comments, Al Horford thought that it was a good idea to run his mouth to Paul Pierce after he hit a clutch jump-shot. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing players show emotion, but don’t be stupid. You are a rookie, and although you had a great season, that doesn’t give you the right to mouth off yet. Win a playoff series or two, and then maybe you can run your mouth a little bit.


I wonder what the rest of the series will hold.