Rugby Video Monday: USA vs. Canada?

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Rugby Video Monday: USA vs. Canada?

Today's video was supposed to be the USA vs. Canada match or at least a highlight reel...but unfortunately, as most of you know, the match was not posted live nor is it available yet (the audio is available here).

I have been working with Sara John at USA Rugby to get a copy and was just alerted today that they will not be able to provide me with a copy as agreed upon. They do say that they will be uploading it to the USA Rugby Media Center in the next few days.

The big X above is a placeholder for the video, hopefully it will be posted as promised! When it is posted I will let you know the link ASAP.

In the meantime you can check out the match report here and the audio here. Also make sure to check out the highlight reel from the USA A vs Canada A game on the Canada Women's Rugby site here.

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Please keep sending me your favorite videos to! Make sure to check out the YSC Vimeo Channel or my Youtube channel...and you can subscribe to both if you like, but keep in mind that all new videos will be on Vimeo only as they are recorded in High Definition.

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