Indian Cricket Fans: We Just Want to Bully Someone, Even if We Also Lose

Dann KhanAnalyst IJune 29, 2009

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - JUNE 16:  Ravindra Jadeja of India is congratulated by his team mates after taking the wicket of  AB de Villiers of South Africa during the ICC World Twenty20 Super Eights match between South Africa and India at Trent Bridge on June 16, 2009 in Nottingham, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Today, I am a die-hard cricket fan. But it all started when I became a die-hard fan of team India.

It was so nice when India won. I used to forget my issues in school and how badly I had been doing there. It was some kind of an escape for me.

But it were the losses that really made the difference to my mind. It left me with no happiness and only sorrow. Both, at home while watching cricket, and in school when I was bullied by fellow mates and scolded by teachers.

Today, I have a lot of knowledge about the game (and I am not boasting). I also have a general keenness to watch any match that's going on.

In school, I have a good equation with most students and teachers are now like slightly senior pals of mine who usually don't really find anything worth scolding me about. They just chat a few times and inquire about my well being.

Any more information about me can be got by posting a note on my bulletin board or by e-mailing me. I have just told you enough so that I can guide you further into my article.

The Indian cricket team is also going through what I went through. A period of bullying.

Being bullied because you performed badly in the t20 World Cup. Being bullied because your captain had not been at his best this time around. And being bullied because of a hundred other reasons I don't know about.

Oh. I forgot to tell you who is the bully—the Indian Audience. Always behind the team when bad performances start to creep in.

But the thing is, unlike the school bullies, these people never stop. So the Indian team can never rise to the level I managed to.

They always have to be on their toes and live to please the bully. Live with a very high level of tension, but always please. And the moment you don't, then you are bullied again.

M.S. Dhoni, the Indian skipper, is being criticized for every move he makes now. His effigies are being burnt along with the other players. He is also being accused of scoring slowly and leaving his old bang-bang style.

But even a few months ago this man was praised for changing his game to suite the team. I agree that he is a bit out of form too (though his 95 in the second ODI against the Windies should help him), but for other reasons.

Isn't it just picking on a person and bullying him? And on something that helped team India some time back.

Also there are many other players in the team who are not doing their job well. But Dhoni is being criticized for all that in the name of bad captaincy. Maybe his captaincy was not as good as it should be, but the reaction is as if he has been performing poorly for over 10 seasons.

Also, the whole team is being sent the wrong signals. Earlier this year when the team lost to New Zealand in the final ODI of their tour to the country, no one really raised questions about how badly the team played.

In that match as well, India got out to a very ordinary score and then lost the match with ease. But India had already won the series.

If they actually had to be criticized then it should have been back then. They were guilty of being arrogant at that point. 

At this point, after a bad tourney, all the players are at least trying to improve their game and play better.

But no, we have to discourage them. And the effects will show soon.

In fact, it is already showing. Bullying makes a person lose his self-confidence. And this is exactly what is happening with the party in question. They have been given such a hammering by their country that now they are actually believing that the t20 loss has marked the start of the low for them.

And when a person believes that he or she is on a low, then he is definitely on a low.

The result of this is being seen in the current series India is having with West Indies. The players are actually finding it difficult to regain the same confidence that they had a few months earlier.

Another example of the stupid bullying is talking about how Indian players should not have played the IPL.

Tell me something, would even half of India have watched the matches if the likes of Dhoni and Yuvraj would not have played? And don't say "then they should not have held the tournament" because you yourself would have then complained that such a lovely thing is not happening. 

So the whole idea is to enjoy something done more or less exclusively for you and later complain because soon after that, things did not go our way. If nothing else, I thought life has at least taught people that you don't get everything. 

But I cannot complain. This is the whole idea behind bullying. Get the pleasures of everything. And enjoy the pleasures of nothing so that you get more.

It does not help anyone in the end, but still no one understands.

All this is the reason why India are still not regarded as world beaters for more than a year or so.

But I think bullying has become a sport more popular than cricket in the country. Thank God I only follow the second-most popular sport of the country.


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