CM Punk Heel Turn Imminent? Are You Sure?

Christopher NgoContributor IJune 29, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  CM Punk celebrates with fans before facing Shelton Benjamin during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

For months, the Rumorville Web sites have sprung reports of an imminent heel turn of CM Punk. After CM Punk forced a disqualification on Jeff Hardy by kicking the referee at WWE's "The Bash" 2009 Pay Per View, it may seem that CM Punk has certainly solidify himself as the "heel" in wrestling.

Are you sure?

Breaking down the match between CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship, the event featured clean wrestling from both parties up until Punk kicked the referee. To Punk's defense, Hardy elbowed him countless times, which one or a few struck his eye, blinding one side. Thus, storyline-wise, Punk can play off of the fact he could not distinguish the referee from Jeff Hardy in the heat of the moment.

Although the kick to the referee did not sit well with the "WWE Universe," Punk still has a legitimate out in this situation.

This has been the characteristics of CM Punk since winning the World Heavyweight Championship: although he chooses unpopular decisions, his actions are justifiable to a degree.

Cashing in Money in the Bank on Jeff Hardy, all perfectly legal.

After hitting the Go To Sleep on John Morrison once he had been beaten by him on Friday Night Smackdown on Jun. 26, 2009, he did show remorse for his actions. One could defend, again, the heat of the moment.

The Bash kick on the referee, he was blinded by Jeff Hardy.

CM Punk can be considered a "tweener" in this situation. But, Jeff Hardy is not entirely squeaky clean himself.

Jeff Hardy has attacked CM Punk in during in-ring promos. CM Punk has not.

Jeff Hardy slapped the arm of CM Punk when Punk raised Hardy's arm in victory.

After the match between Punk and Hardy for the title, Jeff Hardy attacked a blinded CM Punk. Although frustration for how the match ended justified the attack, it was hardly noble because, essentially, Hardy attacked a defenseless man.

Keeping with the gimmick WWE has that "anything can happen," heel turns traditionally have been quick and decisive. These unexpected turns keeps the audience guessing and engaged. If CM Punk turns heel, it has been one that has been expected and proves people's prediction right, which probably the writers of WWE would not want.

Jeff Hardy's heel turn would shock the universe beyond anything expected.

Taking a closer look, one could see the amount of frustration in Jeff Hardy which could lead him to a heel path. In countless of world title engagements, he has lost many. In his first title reign, it only lasted until the next Pay Per View. His second title reign, it lasted just minutes, thanks to CM Punk.

Jeff Hardy's character appears to be one that can be break. CM Punk's can engage in mind games that breaks the character Hardy. During their engagements, CM Punk will always sneak away with the title in legitimate ways. Hardy's character will snap and another side of Jeff Hardy will be revealed.

This story has been the most intriguing in the WWE. The Universe is waiting to see what happens next.