10 Reasons Why I Hate Arsenal....

Matt BinksCorrespondent IJune 29, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 28:  Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger speaks to the media during a press conference ahead of the UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg match against Manchester United at Old Trafford on April 28, 2009 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

A while back I wrote an article explaining why I "disliked" a certain team in Manchester...

The article, predictably, caused a bit of a stir, from fans and foes alike.

I was called various names and accused of various things, to an extent that I swore I wouldn't be tempted to write a similar article again.

However I recently received a rather sickening comment on the article from a "fan" of Arsenal. Just to prove I am not biased against Manchester United, and that I do in fact, hate all other 91 league football teams (and most others), I present 10 reasons to hate the Gooners....


1. The fans

Before you all start getting itzy, let me say that this point is directed towards what I would hope is a small minority of Arsenal fans (a minority that didn't seem to prominent at Highbury.

Fair enough Eboue is a bad player. He cheats, he dives, he moans and sulks. But to boo your own player is a stupid thing to do. What good do you think its going to do? Do you think it's going to affect him in a positive way?

As a Liverpool fan I have had to sit through games involving amongst others, Rigobert Song, Igor Biscan, Bjorn Kvarme and even Sean Dundee. If I can sit and give my support to that shower, then you can show a little bit of support too.


2. The "kids are alright" theory

Yes, you're right Mr Wenger. The kids ARE alright. The kids are alright when they are David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, and Paul Scholes...When they are Nicolas Bendtner you just look like a bit of a dickhead...

Speaking of which....


3. Nicolas Bendtner

I quite like arrogance in a footballer. Supreme confidence inspires yourself and others around you into better performances. Arrogance from players like Eric Cantona and Thierry Henry is a positive trait.

Arrogance is not always a positive thing though....

"Next season, I can finally make my breakthrough and then I still have two years to become better than Zlatan—and I will.

"By then I will be close to my peak and will be able to look upon myself as one of the world’s greatest strikers."

Arrogance from Nicolas Bendtner is the equivalent of an economic lecture from a Zimbabwean finance minister.

One of the world's greatest strikers??? Seriously? Bendtner has one of the worst touches I have ever seen in a football player. Fair enough he scores a few goals, but playing in front of Fabregas you are bound to.

If Bendtner was half as good as he thinks he is, Arsenal fans would not be comparing him with Chris Kiwomya and Francis Jeffers (Google them if you are unaware of the talents of these two greats).

Besides, the tit wears pink boots.


4. Arsenal, "hot stuff"

I picked on Manchester United's "musical" history, and Arsenal deserve the same treatment. Check out this shambles of an attempt at music


Including the immortal words.... "Walking in a Bergkamp wonderland, where Parlour was our Ray of light"...... That's right, pop lyrics written about Ray Parlour....


5. Becoming "soft"

Wenger's Arsenal teams used to be feared and respected. For a long while their disciplinary record was absolutely awful. This correctly got cleared up but with it went the aggression and assertion that made them so good. Players like Martin Keown, Patrick Vieira, and Ian Wright knew when to leave their foot in.

The immortal side of 2004 that went a full season unbeaten, were physically superior to most other sides. This combined with the fantastic football they played, made them a truly world class side.

The Arsenal side of 2009 couldn't fight their way out of a Kevin Davies sandwich bag. They are often made to look very very ordinary by vastly poorer footballing teams, simply by being bullied.

Tony Adams would turn in his grave, if he was dead.


6. William Gallas

A decent footballer but a disgrace of a man, and worse things could be said for him as a captain. I have zero respect for Gallas at all.

When things are going badly, you look to your leader for inspiration. When your fearless captain is sat down crying like a baby, you give up. That is exactly what happened. Again, Tony Adams would turn in his grave if he was dead...and not lying about being offered jobs...


7. Wenger's unfair cloning method

Ashley Cole, Gael Clichy, and now Kieron Gibbs. How the hell is Wenger able to clone identical looking left backs? Surely Sebb Blatter has something in his book of rules that forbids this?


8. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass...pass...shoot? Nah, pass pass.

Fair enough it is pretty to watch and it occasionally creates some pretty goals, but does anybody else ever get really annoyed by Arsenal's inability to actually kick the ball from distance, in the direction of the goal?

Arshavin went against this rule against Liverpool last season, and to be fair he showed why they shouldn't shoot...Oh wait no he didn't, he scored four goals.


9. The famous youth teams!

Arsenal's youth teams over the last few years were compared with the 1970 Brazil teams. Some fans were claiming they could win the league, FA Cup, Champions League and Copa America all on their own....

Now somebody please tell me one of the players who has turned out to be world class? Or even good enough for a regular place in the Arsenal team?


10. Arsene Wenger

Here is my mini list of 10 short reasons why I hate Arsene Wenger:

1 - The fact that he doesn't appear to be looking any time an Arsenal player commits a foul.

2 - The fact that he made Gary Lineker go to Japan.

3 - The fact that he suggested management to Glenn Hoddle.

4 - His bizarre loyalty to players—Not signing new players because he would have to drop Bendtner and Diaby? No, you sign new players so you CAN drop these two clowns.

5 - Excuses—Please just admit you got beat! For six of the best, please visit:


6 - His exemption from criticism. He hasn't won anything for four years, his signings have been pretty hit and miss recently, and yet he seems completely exempt from criticism. Even Sir Alex gets a few "he's losing it now" comments, and he actually wins trophies.

7 - He introduced Nicolas Bendtner into English football.

8 - See above, but for Nicolas Anelka. Thanks SOOOOO much for the whiny French toss pot.

9 - He hasn't changed his jacket in 12 years. I know the French are renowned for their good hygiene...so I'm assuming he washes it, but surely a change is in order.

10 - The Wenger "knows good players" myth. Yes, he has unearthed some gems (Fabregas, Vieira, Henry, Anelka), but he also said Franny Jeffers was the "fox in the box" they needed. More like an overweight badger in a pub. Recently he has unearthed such future legends as amongst others, Djourou, Senderos, Diaby and Bendtner.

He also signed Pascal Cygan and Igor Stepanovs...

So there we have it. Please comment, ermmmm, constructively.


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